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Good but the Pattern of the foam doesn't change, very disturbing.

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Hash Animation:Master (A:M) is a fully featured, intuitive, fun to learn and use 3D an­i­ma­tion software package. It has been created to make 3D an­i­ma­tion affordable and easy e­nough for everyone – no matter if you are an an­i­ma­tion expert at home or new to an­i­ma­tion in general.

A couple of mice and worms created in Animation:Master © Hash, 2015

The Modeling Window

This is the area in which you’ll be creating your ge­om­e­try, rigging your model, and applying textures. You can see all the groups, decals, materials and more in the Project Workspace (PWS) on the left.

The Action Window

The Action Window of Animation:Master © Hash, 2015

Here, you’ll create reusable animation called actions
– which are often of a repeating nature, like walk cycles. Actions are mini­an­i­ma­tions which can be combined to create the final animation.

The Choreography Window

The Choreography Window of Animation:Master © Hash, 2015

This area is used to do the camera work, light the scene, create dynamic simualtions and animate non-repeatable an­i­ma­tions using all the different assets created before.



A spacecraft created in Animation:Master © Hash, 2015

  • Patch based modeling (no inefficient polygons)
  • 3, 4, and 5-point patches and hooks
  • Loft, “Copy Flip Attach”, Lathe and Extrude functions
  • “Sweeper”, “Extruder”, “Grid”, “Font”, “Terrain” and many more included wizards.
  • Mirror, Magnet and Distortion modes
  • Retopology tools


An image of Dr Who facing the Daleks created in Animation:Master © Hash, 2015

  • Non-linear animation system (NLA)
  • Extensive Constraints system (IK / FK)
  • Bone an­i­ma­tion with weights and “SmartSkins”
  • Pose and Expression based an­i­ma­tion
  • Cloth, Rigid-Body and Hair simulation
  • Grooming-Mode for hair-guide styling and animation
  • Free, extensive rigs available.

Texturing & Materials

Hellboy model created in Animation:Master © Hash, 2015

  • Easy-to-use texture-tools useable like “stamps”
  • Projection and UV-based materials
  • UV editor and optional 3D painting software
  • Mathematical based, procedural material system
  • Fluid, hair, sprites and streak particle systems
  • Surface Baking with automatic UV creation


Lighting & Rendering

A work-in-progress picture of a car created in Animation:Master © Hash, 2015

  • Global Illumination (GI), Radiosity and Caustics
  • Ambient Occlusion (AO, CPU & GPU based) and Image Based Lightening (IBL)
  • Sub Surface Scattering (SSS) and extensive Shader library
  • Multi-Pass HDRI in & output with Buffers (EXR-format, linear and non-linear workflow possible)
  • Netrender for batch-rendering with multiple computers included. (GUI-based, 8 nodes included)
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