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Appuri Backstop uses machine learning to predict which users are likely to leave, so you can take action to stop churn before it starts.


  • Accelerate time-to-value

Bypass IT backlogs and bogged-down BI – our data pipeline ingests your data into a dedicated Redshift data warehouse fast. Appuri automatically detects your data’s schema and builds SQL tables, onboarding your data in hours – not days or months. So you can get smarter faster, and retain more users longer.


  • Access your data, your way

Limited by the reports your analytics tool provides? With Appuri, you get raw SQL access to all your data, so you can answer any question any time. You can even schedule jobs in the language of your choice. Prefer to view your data in Tableau or another BI tool? Just connect to Redshift in your virtual private cloud – most tools have native connectors.


  • Identify retention drivers and diagnose churn

Let us do the heavy lifting. Appuri Backstop enables advanced segmentation based on behavioral events and profile properties, even by customer lifecycle stage. Retention cohorts make it easy to understand your retention patterns and investigate issues. Machine learning models score users on their likelihood to abandon, allowing you to drill into leading indicators with pinpoint precision.


  • Engage, retain, and grow your user base

Automate experiments on at-risk users to affect behavior and increase engagement. Intercept users likely to churn with retention campaigns, or send segments to testing platforms for targeted experiments. Appuri also integrates with popular marketing automation and media platforms, making lifecycle marketing a cinch.

Secure. Scalable. Smart.

From easy integration to sophisticated data science, our platform makes it possible to analyze and act on all your user data.


  • Built on AWS, Appuri deploys a Virtual Private Cloud for your dedicated Redshift cluster
  • All data you send to Appuri comes in over secure protocols
  • Firewall restricts data access to IPs of your choice
  • Optional Virtual Private Network (VPN) connectivity locks Appuri down to your corporate subnet


  • Our platform grows with your data, handling 1 billion events per app per day
  • Micro-batch loads are continuously ingested, so data is available in your data warehouse in near real-time
  • Appuri monitors your pipeline and data warehouse operations so you don’t have to

Smart Data Pipeline

  • Simple REST API makes event capture easy
  • Automatic schema detection creates and maintains dynamic SQL relations in Redshift
  • Gives you the control to modify field names and types
  • Built-in error handling parks events with schema conflicts so you can resolve them


Data Operations

  • Self-service job scheduling lets you create tables, append data, and more
  • Deploy any type of code such as SQL, R or Python, with templates to make it easy to get started
  • Create, edit, pause, cancel and chain jobs all within a clean, user-friendly interface
  • Live debugging lets you see the results of a job as it runs
  • Jobs are fully operationally monitored with the option to enable alerts


  • Combine and join data from multiple sources easily and automatically
  • Connect data from your internal transactional stores, SaaS applications, and internal event data from log files to get a more complete view of your users
  • Integrate with CRM solutions or marketing automation platforms to incorporate Appuri segments and churn scores into your sales and marketing workflows


  • Appuri combines behavioral data and customer account data to predict users likely to churn
  • Custom algorithms available, with up to 100K variables processed for predictive power
  • Better leverage your data science team by getting their algothrims into production quickly and easily
  • Our models are continuously validated and maintained to keep predictions fresh as new data is collected

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