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Audiosocket makes finding and licensing great music simple

Audiosocket isn’t your average stock music library. It’s a stage for independent artists around the world. Today's content creators need incredible music, and talented musicians deserve a sustainable career. The team connects the dots.

Easily search the pre-cleared catalog of over 85K songs and 25K sound effects from trending indie bands and artists. Find the perfect soundtrack for your games and worlds and license it easily with a simple single-use licensing or subscription package to heighten the emotion and atmosphere of your work. Or, if you want to soundtrack your game or world, check out the MaaS (Music-as-a-Service) options where you can add radio stations/playlists for your users to customize their experience.

Trusted by the biggest brands, film & game studios, and TV networks Audiosocket has earned a strong reputation as a trusted provider of premium production music, commercial artist repertoire, and band catalogs.

The team understands the critical role music plays in bringing media to life and works in partnership with the clients to deliver on their vision. The team's expertise lies not only in music curation and technology, but also in copyright clearance, artist discovery, and crafting bespoke custom music. Whether you need a snippet of a song, a full soundtrack, or music to integrate within your games, apps, and worlds, Audiosocket has the resources to cover any audio need.  

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