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Using brainCloud, developers can leverage pre-built features to jumpstart the building of great new products…without having to re-invent the wheel.
bitHeads built brainCloud because we were constantly re-building the same backend solutions for our customers – which they then had to host and maintain. The brainCloud Backend-as-a-Service is available for usage in bitHeads’ projects, and third party projects as well.


  • Game Features – multiplayer, matchmaking, cloud saves, identity management, social integration, leaderboards, achievements, push-notifications, virtual currencies, and in-app purchasing.
  • JavaScript Supported brainCloud Cloud Code Feature – developers are able to build in additional features. Local Platform Integration – when a player is awarded an Achievement in brainCloud, that achievement is also triggered in the iOS GameCenter.
  • Advanced Pricing and Promotional Features – brainCloud provides support for multiple virtual currencies and coordinates the product and pricing management across all platforms, allowing the developer to quickly put items on sale with just a few clicks.
  • Scheduled Promotions – sales can be preconfigured well into the future and when the promotion automatically triggers, players will receive notifications on their devices (in their language), and automatically get the preferential pricing when they go into their store screens.
  • Advanced Auto Promotions – developers are able to define dynamic target segments of users and trigger individual promotions just for them. For example, a developer could define a promotion for “MVPs that may be leaving the game” and define the criteria as “players who’ve played more than 50 times, who’ve spent more than $20, and who haven’t played in the past 5 days”.  Whenever a player enters this segment, a special “Promotion for MVPs” would be triggered, offering them a product at a huge discount in an attempt to keep them in the game longer.

The brainCloud Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS) is perfect for cross-platform mobile development allowing you to make a game server, mobile app backend, or mobile game backend that works great with your Unity game. BrainCloud is the essential infrastructure that apps & games need, to offer a single and cohesive experience across any type of screen.


BrainCloud is free during development. Once the title goes live, you pay only for what you use. BrainCloud’s pricing is perfectly elastic – scaling up and down based on how much (or how little) your apps use our servers.


Still have questions?
We had chat with Paul Winterhalder from bitHeads. In this exclusive interview Paul talked about innovative middleware technologies for games, brainCloud solution and GDC 2015.

16 March, 2015


16 March, 2015