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O man, this helpme so much! thanks!

Amazing this information. Thanks alot!

SpeedCut is a awesome tool! Would love to also see it be implemented into blender!

CG Spectrum
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CG Spectrum’s online school for Animation, VFX and Game Design is inspiring and preparing the next generation of production-ready artists.

CG Spectrum’s online school for Animation, VFX and Game Design is inspiring and preparing the next generation of production-ready artists.

Whether you’re straight out of high school, changing careers, or diversifying your existing technical skills, CG Spectrum’s highly acclaimed curriculum and award-winning industry mentors will equip you with the confidence and knowledge to dive into a rewarding career in animation, visual effects or games.

Explore CG Spectrum’s beginner and advanced courses in Animation, 3D Modeling, Concept Art, Houdini FX, NUKE Compositing, and Game Design and carve your own creative path.

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The CG Spectrum Advantages

  • Flexible Scheduling

Whether studying full-time or working around a busy schedule, CG Spectrum’s virtual learning model allows you to study when you want, where you want.

  • Industry Mentors

Learn from highly experienced and passionate mentors who are actively working in the industry on major feature films and AAA video games.

  • Job Ready Skills

CG Spectrum’s specialized, custom-built courses and hands-on teaching method ensure the skills you gain are exactly those that studios are looking for.

  • Payment Plans

Your education is an investment. CG Spectrum offers various payment options to help you pursue your passion, hone your craft, and start working sooner.

  • Personalized Education

Choose between 1-on-1 mentoring or small group classes. Courses are customized to your skill level so you get the most out of your education.

Networking Skills

  • While you’re learning how to optimize your technical skills in real-world situations, you’ll also pick up the art of networking to advance your career.

Student Showcase

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Scott Claus, a professional animator and a CG Spectrum mentor, talked about the animation industry, its evolvement, standard software, and more.

19 August, 2019

Hong Chan Lim shared his insight into building a 3D Artist career, Real-Time game characters, and studying at CG Spectrum.

7 August, 2019

Adam Bullied shared a great insight into writing for games, how it's organized, what skills are necessary, and his new class at CG Spectrum.

23 July, 2019

Ivanna Liittschwager talked about the modular scene Old London Slums made at Gnomon, her first experience with UE4 and Substance Designer, and hand-sculpting.

3 July, 2019

Viktoria Didenko shared the production of her somber scene The Talking Tree inspired by Darkwood and Pripyat made with UE4, Substance Tools, ZBrush, and Maya.

27 June, 2019

Branimira Yordanova talked about her scene Rainy Day made with UE4, 3ds Max, and Substance Painter: pre-production, texturing, lighting & character production.

21 June, 2019

The Gnomon student Melody Romero recreated an iconic scene from Kiki's Delivery Service and shared a breakdown of it.

19 June, 2019

Andrzej Koloska talked about participating in Epic Spring Jam and developing Clash of Morons in UE4.

10 June, 2019

Jared Fischler did a breakdown of his amazing scene made as a part of a class at Gnomon. The main focus was put on visual storytelling.

4 June, 2019