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They helped to ship 600+ games as of 2018 alone, with many of them reaching top rankings in iTunes, Google Play, Steam and console marketplaces. Beginning with their work helping to launch social gaming and continuing through to our present day VR and connected play work, they're proud of their successful track record of bringing new types of games to market.

Their team of world-class art directors, dedicated producers, and talented artists bring their partners decades of expertise in digital entertainment and art services. They can do the same for you.

It's right in their name, Concept Art House is a premier provider of high quality concept art. If you need character or creature design, environments, industrial/mechanical designs or weapons, their world-class artists are ready to tackle your project.

Concept Art House has a proven history of helping their partners excel in new gaming mediums. Virtual Reality is no exception. In just two years, they've helped their clients define how VR games look, created fun and flexible avatar systems and helped introduced the world to brand new hardware experiences.

Their expert Art Directors have conceived and brought to finish dozens of early stage projects. Whether you're an executive team looking to build for your next hit game, or a small team preparing to pitch for a major publisher, they'll bring your ideas to life and have the skills to give your work the winning edge.

Concept Art House is one of the most celebrated 2D art providers in the digital entertainment industry. They've delivered hundreds of projects to the world's most iconic entertainment companies across almost every platform, player demographic and major category of game.

Whether your mid-core game or marketing assets are taking a painterly approach or clean graphic style, their experienced 3D art team is ready at the helm with ZBrush, Maya and 3DS Max in their tool kit.

The rise of mobile and social games ushered in a new era of vector art and we've been on board since day one, providing increasingly sophisticated characters, environments, props, vehicles and other game-ready assets.

Many of their clients turn to them when they want their game to be presented in the best possible light. The team created marketing art for games ranging from AAA to casual, always delivering stunning results. They make sure the game makes a statement even before people get to play it.

They offer in-game, cut-scene, and cinematic animation services to bring your characters to life, whether it's in 3D, Flash, Spine, or After Effects.

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