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this is an Excellent article, the way its set out with the vids and pics. very technical but not rambley. I learnt alot out of it.

by Eric
2 hours ago

Bob would have been proud

by Krzysztof Czerwiński
6 hours ago

Congratulations Lukas:) Amazing piece of 3D parametric shader:) thank You for sharing Your knowledge:)

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Creaform’s mission is to develop, manufacture and market cutting edge portable 3D measurement and analysis technologies that increase productivity. Through its expertise and the passion and commitment of its employees, Creaform helps companies from the manufacturing industry to seamlessly create, simulate, verify, and collaborate in 3D, significantly enhancing their turnaround times and profitability.

HandySCAN 3D

An ad for the line of HandySCAN scanners © Creaform, 2015

HandySCAN 3D handheld scanners have been optimized to meet the needs of engineers in pipeline integrity assessment, looking for the most effective and reliable way to acquire 3D measurements of physical objects. Creaform’s flagship metrology-grade scanners underwent a complete re-engineering, building on their core assets. They are now more portable and even faster at delivering accurate and high-resolution 3D scans, while remaining very simple to use.

RUaccuracy: Accurate measurements in real life operating conditions

Examining a pipe with HandySCAN © Creaform, 2015

Metrology-grade measurements: A dynamic link between the pipe and scanner preserves accuracy and resolution in any field conditions, including vibrating environments.
High quality results: within a ± 50 micron accuracy.
TRUaccuracy on the pipe: Enhanced virtual pit gauge capabilities. Pit gauge configuration automatically adapted near welds to ensure the most accurate measurement.
In-line Correlation: Assess ILI performances by comparing pig data against Pipecheck data to help determine with more precision the sites that actually need to be dug.
Corrosion depth inside a mechanical damage: Unique and sophisticated tools to extract corrosion depth inside a mechanical damage.

TRUportability: 3D scanning wherever you need to go

On-the-go scanning: Take it from place to place or use it in-house or on-site.
Lightweight and small: weighs 0.85 kg; can reach confined areas. Fits into a carry-on.

Speed: Fastest path from physical objects to your design or inspection workflow

Scanning speed: 80 times faster than pit gauge technique.
Self-positioning device: No need for encoders or bulky mechanical scanners to reference the data.
On-site reporting: Results generated within a few minutes.

TRUsimplicity: Very simple 3D scanning process

Scaning a model with HandySCAN © Creaform, 2015

User-friendly: The scanning process and analysis are intuitive and accurate, regardless of the inspector’s skills.
Follows code regulation (ASME B31G)
Real-time visualization: Thanks to VXremote, the Creaform optimized remote desktop application, data acquisition can be viewed in real time.
Flexible: Makes it possible to reach confined areas
Simple: Easy and quick to learn.

Pipecheck – Pipeline Integrity Assessment Software

Working with HandySCAN © Creaform, 2015

Creaform now introduces Pipecheck, a single software platform addressing both pipeline corrosion and pipeline mechanical damage assessment. Thanks to Creaform’s unique 3D scanning technology and to this innovative software, surface inspection has been reinvented completely!

Pipecheck Analyze: When all you need is the analysis power of Pipecheck

Portable AnalyseOffered at a discount price, this software combines the Pipecheck’s corrosion and mechanical damage modules. Perfect for projects where assessment is done on-site by a senior technician, while a junior technician focuses on data acquisition. The analysis can also be done off-site by pipeline integrity engineers when on site teams are facing complex cases. Pipecheck Analyze can open any Pipecheck session, change parameters, re-process analysis and export a report.
Pipecheck Corrosion
Software Module

Pipecheck Corrosion Software Module

Corrosion in a pipe spotted by HandySCAN © Creaform, 2015

Pipecheck’s pipeline corrosion software module offers very fast and reliable data processing that generates instant, on-site results. Data are output in a complete Excel report and show increased accuracy and repeatability compared to traditional measurements methods such as pit gauge, ultrasonic (UT) probes and single-line lasers.
Pipecheck Mechanical
Damage Software Module

Pipecheck Mechanical Damage Software Module

As its name suggests, this software module has been specifically developed for pipeline mechanical damage analysis. This module features numerous key functionalities that allow a better understanding of dents and localized surface deformations. Instant results are generated on-site and this is a key factor in maintenance cost reduction.

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