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I have being working in the AAA industry for tha last 3 years and the crunch is what is forcing me to find something else to do in life even if I love 3d. Some places may be more respectful with their employees but in my experience the crunch is even calculated in advance cause they know the workers will accept that. Some people is very passionate and don´t mind to do it and that is fine but a lot of people have families and they want to build a healthy environment with them or other goals outside the working ours. Not to mention non-payed overtime and other abuses I faced. Hope this industry fixs this problem.

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22 hours ago


by BakingSoda
2 days ago

Those tilesets are sexy. Seeing new tilesets is like getting introduced to a new lego set.

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DAME is a 100% free multi-platform (Windows/Mac/Linux) 2D map editor for indie game developers.

Make games your way

DAME is ideally suited to flash games in flixel, because it’s actually made using the flixel engine and if it shows up in the editor fine then you know it will work in your own game. But it is designed to be flexible enough to work for almost any type of 2D game engine, which is why it supports many features like the ability to write your own exporter script using Lua, so that you can export to any format you like – code, XML, some other weird format.

In fact, it comes with exporters for flixel and flashpunk, both excellent free flash game frameworks.

It also supports full object scaling and rotation and dynamic properties so that it’s easy to create some truly dynamic maps!

Completely Free

DAME is free. If you make a game and make millions of dollars from it, well, you could always give me and DAME a mention in the credits so that more people can use this great piece of software! But I’m not asking for a single cent. If you really want you can click on the donate button on the sidebar to the right of the page, but you’re under absolutely no obligation to do so.

Open Source

DAME is also now open source and available here.


  • Tilemap editing for 2D and isometric tilemaps as well as tiles with “height”.
  • Tile matrix to make it easy to place blocks of tiles using customisable autotiling algorithm.
  • Drawing on tiles and sprites directly within the editor.
  • Tile brushes.
  • Reload tile map images while in the editor.
  • Sprites (animated and from sprite sheets).
  • Sprite animation editing.
  • Paths – polygons and splines.
  • Path instancing and attaching sprites to paths.
  • Textboxes supporting all system fonts and bitmap fonts.
  • Add links between objects to easily set up triggering.
  • Shapes (box and circle) so you can set up triggers or whatever you want.
  • Can write custom exporters using Lua and some DAME functions.
  • Pre existing exporters and samples for both flixel and flashPunk frameworks. And an xml exporter too.
  • Maps can be resized with ability to choose placement in real-time.
  • Supports jpg,png and bmp.

  • Custom properties tied to maps, tiles, sprites and any object you place down.
  • Snap to grid.
  • Multiple layers, including grouping.
  • Add image layers to use as a guideline for your tiles and sprite placement.
  • Onion skin option.
  • Scaling and rotating.
  • Undo, copy and paste.
  • Import parts of other DAME projects into the current one being edited.
  • Add bookmarks so you can quickly navigate around huge maps.
  • Add sprite trails to automatically populate paths with sprites.
  • Select, copy, paste, move, scale your tilemap tiles in real-time.
  • Animating tiles.
  • Choice of themes.
  • Rip tilemaps from images.
  • Share spritelists with multiple projects.
  • Many more features already present and planned for the future.
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