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deltaDNA combines games industry heritage and extensive marketing analytics expertise to deliver dedicated tools & technology for gamers by gamers. We are passionate about game design and maximizing the true potential of games on any platform by improving player experiences and leveraging big data technology for real time intervention. We work with publishers & developers throughout the world who use the deltaDNA platform to help them better understand player behaviors and identify actionable insights to personalize games. Our data shows that improving player engagement drives long term value.

Game analytics & player marketing

  • Unlock your game data
  • Know your players
  • Build better experiences



Know your game

Explore Game Performance
Visuals and Analyze Cohorts



Know your players

Powerful Data Mining Tools
with API Level Direct Acess



Interact with your players

Identify & Target Players
for A/B Testing and Campaigns


  • Analyze

Analyze features deliver cutting‐edge insight into the in‐game behavior of players. Understand game balance and how it affects different player groups. The toolset provides highly specific actionable insight to solve design issues. Predict LTV and retention consequences, comparing cost per install by acquisition channel.



Tune into your game with 60+ visualizations and have the freedom to build your own dashboards.

Understand engagement and retention, payment & monetization, players, missions and social engagement. Also compare cohorts and filter your dashboard views against unlimited user-defined deep data segments.

Custom Dashboards provides personalized view of your game. See the information you want to see in one place, set-up dashboards for each aspect of your game, see your game your way.



See how your game’s performance compares with the rest of the industry against retention, payer fraction, and revenue. Also understand your store reviews with text cloud analysis by reviewer rating.



If something unexpected is happening, you need to know. Daily user alerts act as a great safety net, particularly in large games. KPI alerts can be configured and sent to individuals and groups.

  • Engage

Engage is a highly flexible testing, targeting & marketing toolset. Create sophisticated, automated player campaigns featuring image‐based rich messaging. Change the balance of the game for defined player segments with real‐time targeting & segmentation.



Take the guesswork out of campaigns. We provide the most advanced multivariate testing, with unlimited parallel variations along with significance testing and a calendar view.

The results of A/B testing can be evaluated against 55 dashboard charts to fully understand the consequences for both your players and the game.



Increase your player engagement by personalizing the gaming experience for your individual players. Respond to your players’ behavioral characteristics live, in-game, in milliseconds.

Identify behavioral player segments using any combination of in-game parameters. Our Big Data analysis platform enables live in-game targeting.

Specifically, the platform architecture collects, processes and actions event data within 200ms, enabling you to identify players on the basis of segmentation criteria and engage with them as they play.



At any point within your game, you can employ campaign activities to different player segments. The deltaDNA platform gives you the option to change the game parameters, use push notifications or in-game messaging.

Players can be targeted live as they play with incentives, offers, hints & tips and rewards to enhance their playing experience.


By adjusting the parameters of your game, you can balance the game for every player. Proactive player relationship management can be achieved by adjusting the game difficulty so your game both challenges experts and rewards novices.

Game balancing can be set-up at any point in the game and is applied live as players play. So you can provide additional resources or make the obstacles tougher. This is essential when your game targets a wide range of players with varying skill levels.


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