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Dreamloop Games make great games happen. Beyond developing their own titles in Unity & Unreal, their team offers full-service and co-development services, as well as porting of existing projects using their proprietary porting framework.

The Dreamloop team has extensive experience in co-development with other studios. Take Moons of Madness as an example. When Funcom wanted to speed up the process to better execute their multiplatform launch, the Dreamloop team jumped in to augment the work being done by Rockpocket. They co-developed the title, tackling development on PlayStation 4 and Xbox

  • Unity Experts
  • Unreal Experts
  • Scalable Solutions

Last-mile delivery on consoles often takes precious time and resources that developers would rather spend fleshing out core features and adding content. With more than half a dozen multi-platform console ports under their belt, they've developed a robust solution for porting that's backed by experience and expertise in console-specific cert processes.

The Dreamloop team has completed console ports for critically-acclaimed titles on:

  • Nintendo Switch
  • PlayStation 4
  • PlayStation 5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S/X

The team helps partners who have a vision but need a capable development force to execute. Whether you need design consulting or a team to take you from concept to gold master, the Dreamloop team is filled with brilliant and capable visionaries with top-tier implementation skill ready to help you develop your title in both Unity or Unreal.

They're ready to help with:

  • Concepting
  • Prototyping
  • MVPs
  • Full scope game development

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