Dungeon Craft
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This is a fan project, like the Lord Inquisitor was. GW has absolutely nothing to do with it!

by Capulong, Rowel
3 hours ago

Very Very Cool Indeed Indeed

by Also Rowel Capulong
3 hours ago

Very Cool Indeed

Dungeon Craft
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Dungeon Craft is an effort to develop an RPG and editor that mimics SSI's Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures (FRUA). A few improvements have been made over the original FRUA, 16/24/32-bit color, more levels allowed, editable items/monsters/spells, and the resulting design includes the game executable so that each design is playable without the editor. Other differences exist, but I have attempted to duplicate FRUA/Gold Box behavior as much as possible. Of course, suggested improvements have a good chance of making their way into the source code.


Dungeon Craftis an adventure creator that is based on the AD&D gaming system. It mimics the features and functionality of SSI’s Forgotten Realms Unlimited Adventures. While FRUA is DOS based, DC is Win32 based and currently runs under Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista using DirectX 7 and higher. Check out the minimum requirements on the downloads page.


While this is an attempt to recreate the functionality of the original FRUA/Gold Box as closely as possible, some improvements have been made. Most notably:

  • supports 16/24/32 bit color
  • supports BMP, PCX, TGA, PNG, JPEG, WAV, MIDI, MP3, MOD, and AVI file types
  • 640×480, 800×600, and 1024×768 screen sizes during game play
  • Editable items, spells, and monsters
  • Increased capacity for maps, events, quests, special items, and text
  • Each design is self-contained, the editor is not required to play the game
  • All art can be customized
  • Area view can be configured to auto map, display the whole map, or no map.
  • Text events can use scripted conversations, Ultima style
  • Map walls/blockages can be altered at runtime

Plus, new features and event triggers can be added as desired to future releases.

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