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hi , i eanted to make your handgun in blender and i fell short on the top curved surface , how do you make that

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yeah thats what I have as well. Its enough but in 2 years you'll probably want a little more. At least 32 gb ram for a little more serious work.

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EIAS3D is a progressive technology company that specializes in the design and distribution of award-winning 3D Animation applications for both Macintosh, Windows and Intel Mac operating systems. EIAS3D's software has been used in many films and television shows including but not limited to: Piranha 3D, Alien Trespass, Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Daddy Day Care, K-19: The Widowmaker, Gangs of New York, Austin Powers: Goldmember, Men In Black II.

Living room in EIAS © EIAS3D, 2015


The Electric Image Animation System (EIAS) is an eminent 3D animation and rendering package available for the Mac and PC. You can texture and animate with ease and render your 3D scenes with amazing speed and quality. EIAS includes the ability to network render to an unlimited number of computers across both platforms at no additional cost. EIAS presents advanced ‘buzz-word’ features in an easy to use, no-nonsense interface.

The latest version of our flagship software includes several unique features, several peerless features and plenty of useful treats to compliment them. EIAS v9 Animator Feature List, EIAS v9 Camera Feature List and EIAS v9.1 Feature List and bug fixes. We’ve overhauled the entire EIAS to give you access to industry-leading tools that will not only allow you to create truly stunning images quickly and easily.

EIAS is extensively used by professional studios all over the globe to create world-class animation for countless productions. It is ideal for all animation: from complex VFX shots to Architectural Fly-throughs.


Ice landscape in EIAS © EIAS3D, 2015

Key Features

  • Virtually every attribute can be animated in EIAS.
  • EIAS can import animation from other applications via the FBX, OBM and BVH formats.
  • EIAS can import motion tracking data from SynthEyes, PFTrack, Boujou and MatchMover.
  • Function Curves provide a precise way to animate objects naturally.
  • Bullet rigid body dynamics.
  • Straight-forward character animation.
  • Inverse kinematics.
  • Animatable deforms including: buldge, twist, bend, runwave, taper, bezier and many more.
  • Morph editor.
  • Full set of constraints including: Auto Bank, Aim, Geometry, Pole Vector, Auto Look and more.

Ease of use


Kitchen created in EIAS © EIAS3D, 2015

EIAS is very easy to pick up and use. Everything you need is in plain view, nothing is buried in sub-menus of sub-menus. Windows and palettes are not cluttered, and, the veritable cornucopia of settings that 3D brings are structured into a tabbed interface making everything available in bite-size form. With EIAS, you don’t need to deal with never-ending lists of esoteric options,. You also don’t have to tackle a ridged all-in-one window and can move any window you want, wherever you want.


Ester Island in EIAS © EIAS3D, 2015

Key Features

  • Tabbed interface that breaks advanced controls down into easily understood categories.
  • Floating palettes that can be moved where you want and automatically remember that position on a project-by-project basis.
  • Contextual menus provide fast context-sensitive access to most dialogues and commands.
  • Project management tools that allow you maintain even the most complex projects in a simple, color co-ordinated hierarchy.
  • Every major tool in EIAS has an obvious icon attached to it in a tool palette to help you get going.
  • For quick access, keyboard shortcuts abound to give you instant access to dozens of tools.
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