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Eyelead Software
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Eyelead Software is a leading software developer focusing in next generation 3D entertainment applications and state-of-the-art visualization technologies.

Capitalizing over 10 years of research and development, Eyelead Software has developed the Hive3D Development Platform™. Hive3D combines a real-time collaborative, network-aware authoring development environment with a state of the art 3D engine.

Hive3D dramatically accelerates 3D game and application creation, while delivering state of the art visual quality.


Hive3D features a tightly integrated Development Environment that can run in parallel with the game. It is fully collaborative, allowing artists and developers to modify content in real time, through a p2p or server-based network.

  • All editing tools are integrated in the Development Environment
  • New tools and extensions can be created through Hive Component plug-ins and scripts
  • Third party toolsets are seamlessly integrated in the IDE
  • Scene setup and programming through the development environment, without recompilations and reloads of the game
  • Dynamic, automatic loading of any type of resource from a content repository
  • Images, sounds, meshes, scenes, shaders, scripts, text data can be automatically loaded and updated without reloads
  • Repositories can be local or network based. Support for HTTP, FTP repositories
  • External References: 3D items can refer to external resources (residing either locally or on the netwok) and can be updated automatically whenever a change occurs.
  • Unique, fully collaborative system
  • Real-time online collaboration through the Integrated editor
  • CVS or SVN based collaboration through external references & resources

Example of a project created in Hive3D © Eyelead Software, 2015

All editing tools are integrated to the Development Environment

  • Brush-based terrain editor
  • Brush-based item massively cloning tool
  • Brush-based grass and vegetation editor
  • In-engine Level of Detail creation and optimization
  • World-class keyframe animation system with dope-sheet, curves and motion clips.
  • Editable, non-linear character animation tools which allow creation of synthetic character motions directly in the engine
  • Rail-extrusion tools for dynamic road, path or 3D spline definition

Optimization through native performance monitoring and analysis tools


Animation in Hive3D © Eyelead Software, 2015

3D scene I/O:

  • Native support for Softimage XSI and the XSI Mod Tool
  • Support for Lightwave models and Collada scenes
  • Additional formats can be supported through the XSI Mod Tool
  • Offline cube map & dome rendering
  • Advanced debugging and live profiling
  • Monitor tool provides an overview of resource usage and finds potential bottlenecks
  • Custom metrics can be inserted into the profiler using the Hive Component SDK

Editing modes placement in a scene © Eyelead Software, 2015

Web and social networks

Hive supports viewing and running 3D games and applications within a browser.

  • Web-player plug-in supports all windows-based browsers. Unix and Mac-based platform support to be implemented soon
  • Facebook support for building social games out of the box
  • Google App Engine support out of the box
  • Automatic update system
  • Network based content repositories for streaming data (textures, meshes, audio, script etc)
  • Automatic content caching

Working on a project in Hive3D © Eyelead Software, 2015


Modular, expandable & fully customizable rendering architecture supports both OpenGL and DirectX. Other platforms can be supported through Hive Component plug-ins.

Render3: state-of the art renderer

  • Multithreaded rendering
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) rendering with eye adaptation
  • Depth of field, motion blur, heat haze, water reflections, volumetric fog
  • Dynamic lighting (directional, omni, spotlight, HDR cube map)
  • Dynamic soft shadows with subtractive lighting model for both high visual quality and high performance
  • Video textures
  • Level of detail
  • Skybox of multiple layers and animation
  • Dynamic object occlusion

Extensible and customizable through Hive Component plug-ins

Background mesh and texture streaming for progressive scene loading

Artist friendly material system

  • Node-based shader authoring
  • Automatic shader node creation
  • Animate any matarial parameter through script or curve
  • Dynamic shader generation for both OpenGL and DirectX
  • Ready-made materials include water, cloth, fur, atmosphere and planet
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