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Fiksu’s Mobile Audience Platform combines a massive, proprietary dataset with powerful segmentation tools to create, refresh, and reach precise audiences across the customer journey. Reaching the right consumers on mobile is a massive challenge. Fiksu's Mobile Audience Platform has the data and technology to deliver mobile campaigns that are effective, efficient, and lead to real business results.

Actionable data


Success in mobile marketing is dependent on data—and in mobile, not all data is created equal. To accurately reach the largest audiences and engage with them again and again, advertisers need to be focused on behavioral data tied to mobile IDs.

Whether your goal for mobile is to get in front of the right eyeballs, acquire cost-effective loyal users, or drive specific actions, ID-based data makes it all possible. When we combine our data with customers’ own data or data from external partners, the result is a powerful and incredibly valuable dataset for building audiences and mobile targeting.

  • Over 3.2B mobile device profiles

That’s about 60% of all mobile devices ever shipped. The profiles are built on behavioral data from thousands of Fiksu mobile marketing campaigns.

  • Trillions of marketing events

Our data centers around a robust and constantly-growing collection of more than 22.8 trillion marketing events, including pre-download events like ad impressions and clicks, as well as post-click events like app launches, purchases, and registrations.

  • Client data segmentation

The ability to group, or segment, users based on similar characteristics drawn from the advertisers’ existing data, such as CRM data on purchase or interaction histories, web site data, and more. With our unique segmentation tools, this can be done seamlessly and automatically and syndicated across multiple channels.


  • Fiksu lookalike modeling

By taking in client data, layering in our own mobile IDs and profile data, and analyzing the resulting audience for commonalities, we can build lookalike audiences that can be broadly syndicated to significantly increase your target audience size.

  • External data partner integration

Additional integrations with leading third-party data providers offer additional granularity and targeting options. This optional layer of data is used to further refine mobile audiences or add more demographic characteristics.

  • Fiksu Personas

Mobile user personas like Urban Dwellers, Travelers, Investors, Gamers, and many more provide instant access to desirable audiences. Fiksu audience targeting builds on those personas and incorporates additional data to reach exactly the right users.

  • Fiksu SDK

Lightweight, easy to implement code that seamlessly integrates tracking with campaign optimization. This one snippet of code allows advertisers to reach the key programmatic ad channels.

Programmatic Reach


Fiksu reaches your audiences wherever they are, across all leading programmatic channels. That reach allows us to minimize costs by targeting consumers on the least expensive channels first.

With one SDK, advertisers get programmatic access to the world’s leading programmatic traffic sources, providing the ability to reach target audiences wherever they are. This expansive reach means we don’t just find the audience members you target—we find them more efficiently.


  • Cost savings through extensive reach

Because Fiksu audiences are syndicated across all programmatic channels, our platform prioritizes finding them on less-expensive channels first, before moving to broader but more expensive channels.

  • SSP integrations for RTB

The Fiksu DSP spans multiple RTB exchanges through a single point of entry, evaluating hundreds of thousands of ad placements per second to make the most efficient bidding decisions.

  • Social APIs

Through our exclusive status as both a Facebook Ads API Partner with Mobile Measurement access and a Twitter Marketing Platform Partner, Fiksu applies proprietary optimization and programmatic buying technology to Facebook and Twitter’s dedicated app install units.

Optimized system


Fiksu’s massively scalable system provides the technology for mobile marketing success, delivering measurement and optimization across an array of audiences and throughout the customer journey.

To get the same capabilities elsewhere, marketers would have to cobble together a variety of point solutions from multiple vendors to handle attribution, data management, media buying, reporting, and retargeting.


A completely integrated system allows us to continually create, syndicate, update, and optimize audiences as campaigns run. The platform optimizes across channels, audiences, ad formats, create, and more

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