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Flare3D Is a platform for creating interactive 3D content for web and mobile devices. With a powerful Stage3D rendering engine and an intuitive IDE. Check out the Flare3D professional tools and start to create 3D content for multiple platforms through Adobe Flash and AIR, the leader cross platform technologies.

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Create amazing 3D games and go beyond your imagination. The biggest gaming studios and indies around the world are already using Flare3D, now is your turn!


Picture your next 3D digital campaign. Websites, advergames, visualizations, interactive catalogs, augmented reality and more.

3D as innovative solution to improve your business


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With Flare3D you have the tools to break the traditional way to sell a product and make something different. Taking advantage of 3D capabilities to make e-commerce apps, interactive catalogues, 3D websites and advergames with a non traditional look

Using Flare3D in your projects

The main reasons why Flare3D is prefered over other alternatives are the provided professional tools, useful documentation, a wide range of examples and an optimized performance on multiple devices.

Improving ROI with Flare3D


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Flare3D has been proven to be a product that helps getting a highest ROI for e-Marketing projects and digital campaigns. Why? Because, Flare3D’s tools has been designed thinking in the workflow.  Those users that have been using Flare3D in multiple projects have drastically reduced costs and time on their projects. Flare3D commercial license’s cost is quickly recovered, because is a subscription based model and during the license period you can publish unlimited commercial apps. Also, you will get all updates for FREE! This brings you having quick access to the latest features and fixes without any extra cost.


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