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Guys! We need "Favorites" tab here on

Great work!

4 hours ago

My motivation wasn't to knock Cem, not as a person nor as a developer. As I said, "this is cool, no doubt about that". I was sharing my personal opinion about the price-point for a material that is so expensive (performance-wise), and pointing out the fact that the same look can be achieved for cheaper (both performance and wallet-wise). I personally find it hard to budget 10s of dollars for a single material, a single effect, etc., but that's me. Other people have money pouring out of their ears and can afford to play like that. The internet is getting less friendly as far as opening dialogues like this. People should be able to have opinions and share them, debate them, without being told to hush up and move along. I hope others buy and use this asset- I'd be curious to see how it stacks up to alternatives out there (again, as I said "I love options"). As far as making my own assets and releasing articles here? It's in the works. And if somebody came along and started a dialogue about issues, opinions they had, or whatever- I would be happy to engage them!

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Frostbite empowers game creators around the world to shape the future of gaming. Together with our game teams, we provide a smooth, beautiful, and collaborative development experience.

Our passion for creating great tools enables teams to build games of any size, genre, or platform; games that exceed expectation wherever our consumers are.

We provide powerful workflows, pipelines, and runtime solutions for our diverse stable of Frostbite games including shipped Frostbite titles like Battlefield and Need For Speed and upcoming Frostbite titles like Dragon Age and Mass Effect.

This is Frostbite

Frostbite is a user-friendly software development toolset which enables game creators to quickly and easily iterate on ideas and achieve new visions for interactive experiences.

Used exclusively by EA teams and studios, our workflows and runtimes are highly configurable and cover all aspects of development including Audio, Animation, Cinematics, Scripting, Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Destruction, Rendering, Visual Effects, and more. Frostbite games are currently in development for current and future platforms including mobile devices.

Our unique toolset is comprised of three primary components: FrostEd, Backend Services, and Runtime.

FrostEd is a desktop program used by all developers to create Frostbite games. Artists, designers, animators, scripters, and programmers all use FrostEd. A unified interface aides in collaboration across these diverse discipline groups. We strive to build everything to support real-time What-You-See-Is-What-You-Play empowered workflows enabling rapid iteration and creative discovery. This cutting edge development environment means our game teams can efficiently build high quality and highly polished experiences.

Backend Services are our suite of powerful systems designed to support our teams as the industry demands constant growth in scale, detail, and complexity. This robust infrastructure can handle thousands of raw assets and hundreds of thousands of individual components for our games. Exciting new projects are pushing these numbers exponentially. We have a dedicated data build system called Blizzard and a distributed caching service called Avalanche which work together to bring developers the latest code and data with dozens of updates on a daily basis. This ensures Frostbite game creators always have the latest tools so nothing can keep them from doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.

Runtime in Frostbite supports a highly scalable model in order to appeal to the diverse array of platforms available on today’s market. Efficiency in both our runtime memory and runtime performance are both key factors to enabling code and data systems to deploy content to diverse targets from XBOX360 and PlayStation 4 to iOS and Android.



A great game engine today has to support all the latest features, but also do it within an efficient and flexible framework that can grow and adapt in the ever-changing and competitive world of games.


Living World

The entire world is alive in Frostbite games, immersing players into deep and dynamic worlds with always changing wind, water, and weather.


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