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Fusion is the world’s most advanced compositing software for visual effects artists, broadcast and motion graphic designers and 3D animators. With over 25 years of development, Fusion has been used on over 1000 major Hollywood blockbuster feature films!

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Hollywood’s Biggest Blockbusters

Thousands of Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters and hit television shows use Fusion to create their groundbreaking visual effects. Fusion has been used on feature films like Thor, The Amazing Spiderman 2, and The Hunger Games, as well as hit television shows like Orphan Black, Breaking Bad, Grimm, Adventure Time, Downton Abbey and the Emmy award winning Battlestar Galactica.

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Nodes, A Better Way to Work!

Fusion uses nodes which are small icons that represent effects, filters and other processing which can be connected together to easily build up larger and more complex visual effects. Because nodes are easy to see and connect together, you can combine tools, images, and objects in any order to create unlimited visual effects. Nodes make it easy to adjust any single part of your project simply by clicking on the node and making an adjustment. That’s much faster than a timeline based tool such as an NLE because you don’t need to hunt through nested stacks of confusing layers.

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Simply More Features

Whether you need to pull a key, track objects, retouch images, animate titles, or create amazing particle effects, Fusion has a massive toolset that lets you tackle the most demanding visual effects and motion graphics jobs. You get the world’s best 3D workspace along with tools for compositing, keying, painting, animation, stereoscopic 3D and more, all in a single application!

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GPU Accelerated Creative Workflow

Fusion is an extremely fast visual effects software tool that’s responsive enough to be used in high pressure, client driven sessions. With its GPU acceleration, you get instant feedback while you work so you can see exactly what you’re doing. Whether you’re working alone or with a client, Fusion gives you the real time control you need so you can spend more time being creative and less time waiting.

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Unlimited Render Power

Fusion has the world’s fastest production quality render engine! You can distribute your render jobs across an unlimited number of networked computers for incredible performance! That means you can render complex scenes incredibly fast to meet the intense deadlines of production, without having to sacrifice creativity or quality.

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Collaborate with Large Teams

When you’re working with a large creative team, Fusion Studio also includes Generation, multi user management software. Generation is an amazing collaboration tool that helps you manage and track versions of every shot in your studio. You can assign tasks to artists, make notes, and see each team member’s workload to help balance the work and finish projects faster. Fusion Studio also features a bin server to let everyone share and see common assets that are needed for the job. That means you don’t have to copy and track multiple elements on different computers.



Compositing, Animation and 3D all in one Application!

Fusion includes all of the tools you need to create spectacular visual effects and advanced 3D motion graphics. The powerful and unique flow graph interface helps you easily build sophisticated composites by simply connecting nodes together. Fusion’s true 3D compositing environment lets you combine live action, 3D models, cameras, lights, 3D particles, volumetric effects and powerful image processing tools, all within a single application!



Flow Graph

Connect tools and effects together using nodes to create amazing effects with infinite control! Now you don’t need to get lost in nested layers or pre-composed timeline tracks, Fusion’s flow graph interface makes it easy to build your effects!


Multiple 3D Viewers

The customizable viewport can be a single display or quad split display to view different 3D angles! You can overlay a histogram, view different channels or even view a shot in Stereo 3D!


Timeline Editor

Quickly and easily trim, extend or slide any element or tool in your scene! You can even modify animation using spline curves directly in the timeline


Spreadsheet Editor

Instantly jump to any keyframe value and make changes to a selected element using the incredibly simple spreadsheet view!


Spline Editor
Use the flexible spline editor to create smooth motion between keyframes! Select from a range of interpolation methods like Linear, Bezier and B-Spline to get the exact animation you want!



3D Workspace

Use an infinite 3D workspace to combine live action footage, 3D models, virtual cameras and light sources! Design with greater realism using casted shadows, depth of field and volumetric effects!


Multi Channel Workflow

Import Open EXR files containing multiple 3D render passes with ease! Work with the diffuse pass, specular pass, normals, world position and others from within a single Open EXR file!


Deep Pixel Compositing

Take advantage of both RGB color and XYZ position information in each pixel when using OpenEXR files so you can blend 2D images with 3D elements like volumetric fog and lights with interactive control.


3D Geometry Import

Import FBX scenes to use 3D models from Maya, 3ds Max, Cinema4D and more! You can even import the super efficient Alembic format for animated geometry!



Keying and Mattes

Extract clean mattes with great control to create realistic looking composites! Use a broad range of keyers and matte tools including Primatte and Fusion’s own
Ultra Keyer!


Blend Modes


Use familiar blend modes like screen, overlay and difference to determine how pixels in different layers are combined! They even work while compositing in 3D!


Automatically track, match move and stabilize subjects in your shots with sub pixel precision! You can also import 3D tracking data from software like PFTrack, Syntheyes, Mocha and more!


Time Remapping

Play it faster, slow it down, ramp or fully animate the speed of a clip! Use optical flow for fluid results on extreme slow motion shots. You can even control the amount of interpolated frame blending!

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