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by Démoléon Jérémie
2 hours ago

Hello ! I am a video game student @ILOI & I am very thankful, your speech is very motivating .

Except the dude clearly doesn't know much of anything about the 3D game pipeline. Yeah, if you're very skilled, a high poly sculpt could, certainly. But then there's retopology, UV mapping, texture baking, rigging, animating, other means of optimization once imported into the engine. Granted it wouldn't take anywhere near the production time of a AAA character (Which the High-poly sculpt took maybe 10-15 hours altogether, but the finished character took ~94 hours). And granted pokemon models aren't nearly as complex as that, but I think at least a 1-3 hours from start to finish to be a fair average expectancy of artists who know the work flow well enough. I just hate how people are so critical of artists when they clearly don't understand what goes into it.

by Ku ê
3 hours ago


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Gamestudio is the world's fastest authoring system for interactive 2D and 3D applications - such as multimedia tools, video games, simulations, or any other software program. It offers three levels of access in one single package:

The engine is the core of the development system – it determines the rendering of 3D objects or virtual worlds. Gamestudio’s A8 engine was developed in 2010 and is one of the fastest and most robust engines available. Its Adaptive Binary Tree scene manager switches seamlessly from indoor to outdoor sceneries and supports up to 200,000 objects per scene. The light manager generates an unlimited number of static and dynamic shadow-throwing light sources. Programmers can add new engine functions with the included Source Development Kit. The simple and straigthforward C-style API allows painless access to the engine from external development systems under C++, C#, or Delphi.

The A8 engine is designed to support a wide range of hardware and software. Gamestudio applications run fast and stable even on old PCs, without requiring the end user to update the 3D hardware or DirectX version. Still, Gamestudio is regularly updated in order to support the newest 3D features. Free engine updates are released about every six weeks.

© Gamestudio, 2015


  • Adaptive Binary Tree (ABT) scene manager, up to 200,000 entities per scene
  • Binary Space Partitioning (BSP) / Potential Visibility Set (PVS) / Render Portals (Pro Edition)
  • Indoor and outdoor support, seamless LOD terrain renderer
  • Light manager for unlimited point and spot light sources
  • Static and dynamic shadow mapping, decal, stencil, and PSSM shadows
  • Fog areas, Camera portals, reflections and mirrors
  • Geometric LOD, detail textures, texture compression
  • Softskin models with multiple shaders; bones, vertex, and morph animation
  • Animated sprites and decals
  • Material properties for static and dynamic objects
  • Multiple cameras and render views, multiple monitors, widescreen support

© Gamestudio, 2015


  • Programmable particle generators for multiple particle types
  • Beam generators for laser beams and tracer paths
  • Pre- and postprocessing shaders, supporting shader models 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
    HLSL and FX file support; real time shader editing; multiple shader stages
  • Per pixel lighting, bump and environment mapping, multitexturing
  • Layered sky system with sky cubes, sky domes, clouds and backdrop bitmaps
  • Dynamic decal system for bullet holes, foot prints, tire marks etc.
  • Programmable effects like lens flares, distortion, fisheye, etc.
  • More than 40 included shaders: cartoon, environment, gooch, bump, lambert, blinn, phong, parallax, occlusion, wind animation, mirror, water, blur, bloom, dilate, displacement, erode, bleach, sepia, emboss, posterize, lens, PSSM, HDR, and many more
    Source code for all effects; shader workshop and shader viewer

© Gamestudio, 2015


  • Two polygonal collision detection systems with and without physics
  • Physics objects with gravity, damping, elasticity, friction
  • Highly realistic raycast vehicle simulation with easy-to-use template
  • Hinge, ball, wheel, and slider joints, configurable universal joint
  • Bezier path tracking for camera, actors or vehicles; path finding
  • Mouse picking and manipulating of 3D objects
  • Slow motion / quick motion effect

© Gamestudio, 2015


  • Multi-layer system
  • Animated 3D and 2D sprites, 2D particles, 2D shaders
  • Movie player for rendering videos fullscreen and on textures
  • GUI panels with button, slider, display and window types
  • Truetype and bitmap fonts
  • Screenshot generator


  • Static and dynamic 3D sound sources with Doppler effect
  • Multichannel streaming sound player
  • WAV, OGG, MID, MP3, WMA, CD support


  • Save / Load system for resuming games at arbitrary positions
  • Easy, tranparent client/server mode for LAN and Internet (UDP)
  • Multizone/multiserver support, MMOG capable (Pro Edition)
  • FTP and HTTP access to servers and databases (Pro Edition)
  • Input devices: Mouse, Keyboard, Joystick / Racewheel, SpaceNavigator®, WiiMote®
  • Control external I/O and relay modules over the network
  • Expandable through DLL plugins
  • On our website you’ll find free plugins and extensions that were written by users and add new features to the engine, like Flash animation, database integration, force feedback, or further input devices.
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