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Glue Engine has the easiest editor layout designed especially for developers and regular users that really want to focus on the game mechanics and not dealing with complicated engine design. The main buttons that lets you create the game are in front of the layout and the rest in Tools Section! Glue Engine is easy enough for professional developers or casual developers!

Effect Crafter

@ Glue Engine, 2015

Effect Crafter is the tool that lets you create effect files for objects in the scene or effect files for screen effects. Applying them is easy, opening the object’s properties from the scene, assign the a line of code with the targeted event and click OK!

Visual Glue Graph

Glue Engine supports powerful and modern node based programmin language. Connect event nodes and see the results in real time in your scene.

Powerful Compiler

No light calculations required in order for the lights to be applied with the shadows in the scene or even in the final game. Just place the lights and the engine will automatically calculate the required shaders and applies them for you.

Glue Engine Features:

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • High Performance Processing Rendering

The Scene is Rendered in real – time, no limitations on creation or slowing down the process of creating a game.

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • Automatically Lights and Shadows Calculations

For graphics, these elements when they are added to the scene, the blending is done without any calculations.

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • Add Shaders with Effect Crafter and Make Your Own Graphics

Glue Engine has an extra feature that lets you create effects and stand – alone graphics for your game. Just make the shader, and apply it to the object in the scene.

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • Import Objects in The Scene very easy, You can view them in 3D while Rotates and Click Import

A very important feature of the Engine is Model Previewer which lets you select, view and import the models that you created or downloaded.

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • Change the Sky to Night, Dusk,Day

The day time can be changed with just one button choose from Night, Dusk, Day. The Night mode is perfect for horror games!

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • Easily Add Representations on the Screen with Sprite Importer(If you are making a game such as capture the flag you can represent the Blue or Red flag)

The Sprite Importer can paste your imported images on the screen with the right scale and the right size. Represent score, player lifes etc.

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • GLScript makes game programming very easy, the codes displayed on Documentation will tell you which command makes what. If you choose a line of code, you just have to paste that line in the editor and engine does the rest for you

GLScript is very powerful as it lets you code with just one line and the engine will understand what feature you want to add to the object in the scene.

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • Visual Glue Graph

Visual Glue Graph is the best programming solution for Glue Engine. You can simply visually program an object in the scene or the scene itself by defining nodes with a few mouse clicks and setup it’s parameters.

For effects on the scene such as bump mapping or relief mapping a command will pop up to choose your textures, click OK, and the engine will apply the graphics with no extra coding

Glue Engine has the ability to create custom primitives directly in the engine, you can model them, scale them, applying texture to them. But because Glue Engine has the latest graphics you must specify when creating a primitive for the first time, the Diffuse, Normal and Specular mapping. An external application will pop – up and ask you to choose from a list of textures imported into the application.

The Engine is able to render massive amount of polygons mantaining the frame rate of 155 FPS because all the calculations are done more on GPU less on CPU

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • Powerful Compiler and Instant Scene Rendering

After finishing the level or if you just want to test the level, click on the Compile button and the player will be placed, the graphics will be adjusted for the gameplay. This process is made instantly as it renders on the GPU. No loading screens no unnecesary waiting.

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • Post Process Effects and Scene Effects

The engine supports full screen shaders such as bloom, lens flare eyer adaption and much more. These are already added to the scenes that you are making so no extra programming needed.

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • Gameplay effects such as Motion Blur and Under Water Effects

You know that adding water in games is a pain but in Glue Engine we have already added water and sky. For water, we have added specular emissions, reflections and also under water effects with fog and color of the fog. To make the scene more interactive for the user’s eye, we have added Motion Blur when rapidly moving the player(you can adjust the motion blur very easy directly in the scene)

@ Glue Engine, 2015
  • Level Creation has never been so easy. With Glue Engine you can sculpt the level with the primitives given such as Cube, Sphere, Plain, Cylinder, Cone or you can choose to import your own models and Instant Multiplication.

Creating levels in Glue Engine is just like adding the 3D objects in the scene and manipulate them in any way you want. Move them, rotate them, scale them, retexture them etc. In the editor we have multiple selection methods such as Normal Selection which lets you manipulate the object very fast and smooth; and also Precision Selection which lets you manpiulate the objects very precisely, it is very good for making walls, floors, ceilings and connecting the corners to avoid graphic errors.

Import the models in the scene once, and the stamping feature will come up. The stamping features works in the following way : Add the object in the scene and multiply it by clicking the left mouse button. Also if you want to duplicate the object in the scene without reimportint it, you can just select it and press ALT + CLICK.

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