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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

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21 hours ago

nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

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Graphine supplies technology to the video game and 3D visualization industries that brings real-time graphics quality to the next level. We remove the technical boundaries to creativity.

Granite SDK

The Granite SDK consists of both production and run-time components. The runtime component can be integrated into any 3D or game engine. While running your application, it will analyze which texture data is visible to the virtual camera in your scene, and constantly load the required texture data asynchronously from disk into video memory.

There’s no need to load all textures up front at the start of the application. All the runtime subsystems are highly optimized to ensure the lowest latency possible between requesting a piece of texture data, and when it is present in video memory to be used for rendering. It doesn’t matter how many textures you have in your scene, or how high the resolutions of those textures are, Granite SDK will elegantly handle all your content at 60 frames per second.

Granite SDK eliminates texture-related memory and loading time issues to get ultra-high quality graphics in real-time on mainstream hardware for 3D visualization and video games. It’s a fine-grained texture streaming technology that is aimed at using sparse textures, also called virtual texturing.



  • Use textures up to 256K by 256K.
  • Use 4K or 8K textures in all your materials.
  • Compress your textures by 60% and more.
  • Immediately use your existing texture bitmaps. No extra artist time required.
  • Much shorter loading times for your texture data.
  • Use more unique texture data: the amount of texture data you can use now depends solely on your disc/download budget.
  • Fine grained control over the runtime resources (disk access, RAM & video memory use) that you allocate for textures, without needing to constrain your artists.
  • One elegant system for all your assets ( terrains, characters, …) and texture types (normals, diffuse, HDR, …).
  • Easily integrates in any render engine, graphics API and development pipeline.
  • It’s available for as a premade plugin for Unity 3D and Unreal Engine.


Granite SDK allows you to either drastically increase your graphical fidelity for the same memory and storage budget, or reduce these requirements for efficient distribution and reduced minimum hardware requirements for your product. In addition to the significant memory savings, streaming your texture data into memory when it is needed will drastically lower your scene loading times, allowing your users to jump in without unwanted delays.



PC, Mac, Linux, Xbox One and Playstation 4




Glaz allows you to easily build interactive cinematic experiences for desktop or Virtual Reality using your ultra-high-quality 3D scans or hand-painted assets.


Use all your ultra-detailed assets

Powered by Granite SDK, Glaz handles dense 3D scans of real environments, hand-painted UDIM textures with the quality normally reserved for VFX, procedurally generated landscapes and anything else you can generate. Import thousands of 4Ks or huge single textures up to 512K!


Set up cinematic experiences easily

Add camera paths to your scene, select camera properties and color filters, choose a skybox,…, all very intuitively and easily. Start with your high-quality assets and end with an immersive interactive cinematic experience. No need to license and use a game engine!


Render in 4K @ 90FPS for VR

Glaz can render your content razor sharp, even at 4K, reaching that ultra-high visual quality. Share your project as an interactive application that will hit 90 frames per second for the best Virtual Reality experience!

Still have questions?
MMO specialist Funcom uses Graphine’s texture-streaming technology to open up its online world.

23 February, 2017