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Grid Paper Studio is a 3D art outsourcing studio committed to providing premium quality 3D Digital Art for the entertainment industry, the core team is composed of industry veterans with the ability to work with multiple engines and development tools. The team values communication, professionalism, and flexibility.


  • 3D Environment 

The team provides 3D environment modeling, texturing, and integration services for video games, simulations, and the metaverse. Whether you need architectural, hard surface, or organic 3D modeling, the studio can deliver it using the tools of your choice and with your specified artistic and technical requirements. The team can also integrate the models into your preferred engine.

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  • 3D vehicles 

The studio offers 3D vehicle modeling, texturing, and engine integration services for video games, simulations, and the metaverse. The team can work from concepts, blueprints, or designs suggested by your studio. The studio ensures that the work meets your specified artistic and technical requirements and delivers the final product using the tools of your choice.

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  • Photogrammetry 

The team offers top-notch scan data and photogrammetry services. The services include optimizing and preparing scanned data for use in game engines and video production. They also convert Pointcloud and CAD models into game-ready or any other visual production model.

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  • Integration in your engine of preference

The studio's services allow for easy integration of industry-standard 3D Engines such as UE4 and UE5, Unity, or whichever engine you prefer to use with the pipeline of your choice.

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