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Innovecs Games is a gaming division of Innovecs, a global digital transformation tech company. Innovecs Games provides outsourcing of top-notch game development expertise delivering unparalleled games, art, and visual effects to advertising agencies and production studios around the globe.

Innovecs Games teams are made up of experienced and skilled game developers, designers, artists, animators, QA specialists, and agile managers eager to build and release your project while contributing to your business success. They can design and create games for a wide audience by making them available on various platforms and using proven technologies.

Innovecs Games can take part in the development process to fill the expertise gap and complete a particular part of the game. Working closely with the client’s product team, aligning tasks, and staying in sync is their top priority.

Make your live game available to a wider audience by porting it to more platforms. With Innovecs, porting can be done smoothly: their engineers have hands-on experience in porting games to Android/iOS, consoles, and desktop.

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