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InterSense motion tracking products are industry leading solutions, being integrated into the next generation position, navigation and stabilization system


NavChip © InterSense, 2015

This miniaturized Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) is the second evolution of the original and widely successful NavChip that precisely measures angular velocity and linear acceleration.

The NavChip’s robust architecture and advanced signal processing techniques enable a level of performance unmatched in size class. The resulting architecture and patented compensation algorithms are one of a kind and, coupled with its miniature size and environmental ruggedness, make NavChip perfect for small yet demanding applications. Using sophisticated robotic systems, each NavChip undergoes detailed analysis, calibration, and subsequent performance verification over a wide temperature range to assure a highly reliable solution.

The NavChip is especially well-suited for embedded applications where extremely small size, weight, and power consumption are required. It is fully factory-calibrated and temperature compensated over an operating range of -40°C to +85°C.


  • Unmanned Systems
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality applications
  • Camera & Antenna Stabilization
  • Pedestrian Navigation
  • GPS/INS Integration
  • Aiming & Alignment


NavChip cable © InterSense, 2015

  • Fully-compensated Δϴ and ΔV outputs
  • Gyro bias in-run stability 5°/hr
  • Angular random walk 0.18o/√hr
  • Velocity random walk 0.03m/s/√hr
  • Full-scale angular rate of 2000°/s
  • Full-scale acceleration of ± 16g
  • Low power consumption 135mW
  • Factory calibrated bias, scale factor and misalignment (-40°C to +85°C)
  • TTL UART or SPI-compatible data output interfaces
  • Single supply operation 3.25V to 5.5V
  • External sync pin can to synchronize IMU data samples to an external trigger source
  • Small 12.5 x 24.5 x 5.4 mm
  • Lightweight 3 g

NavChip Evaluation Kit

NavChip Evaluation Kit © InterSense, 2015

A NavChip evaluation kit is available to simplify the evaluation and integration of the Thales Visionix NavChip.

The NavChip evaluation kit comes with all of the equipment necessary to interface the NavChip to a host processor, through either a USB of RS-232 interconnect. The kit includes a NavChip, a NavChip  adapter board, a USB cable, and software tools that allow detailed analysis of the NavChip performance.

IS-900 System

IS-900 System © InterSense, 2015

With 1,000’s of installations worldwide, the IS-900 is the system of choice for precise position and orientation (6-DOF) tracking in military & industrial simulators, immersive displays, virtual prototyping and film/video production. Based on InterSense’s patented inertial-ultrasonic hybrid tracking technology, the IS-900 system is immune to metallic interference, while offering smooth, robust real-time tracking in demanding environments. From CAVEs® to Powerwalls® to simulators, the IS-900 system is a proven solution providing accurate and smooth movements with low latency to enable realistic, intuitive interaction between the user and the application content.

For immersive displays the IS-900 system can be configured with a MicroTrax™ Head Tracker for use with passive or active stereo glasses, a MicroTrax Wand for interaction with virtual content, and a MicroTrax Hand Tracker for use with virtual and haptic gloves. Wireless options for this devices are available along with a Docking Station to provide a convenient and elegant solution for recharging the wireless MicroTrax devices.

With its scalable architecture and superior performance, the IS-900 system has become the industry standard in flight and weapons simulators. The inertial and ultrasonic components of the system are available in OEM configurations for seamless integration into weapons, helmet mounted displays, flight & vehicle simulators and air defense simulators. The performance and integration features of the IS-900 system provide a realistic user experience while preventing negative training.

IS-1200+ HObIT System

IS-1200+ HObIT System © InterSense, 2015

The IS-1200+ HObiT (Hybrid Optical-Intertial Tracking System) is the industry’s latest and most advanced optical and inertial based 6-DOF tracking system. The system provides precise 6-DOF tracking data utilizing a fusion of inertial-optical technology. Ideal for augmented & virtual reality applications, simulation & training, robotic navigation and more.

The IS-1200+ HObIT low-power, small-sized package can be head-worn with minimal impact or integrated into any object for virtually unlimited tracking. The power and interface for the IS-1200+ HObIT comes from a USB port for flexibility and ease of integration into your tracking application.

The IS-1200+ HObIT is delivered fully factory calibrated and simple-to-use. Fiducial constellation can be installed and mapped to ~50 microns accuracy in just a few minutes using new VisualMapper software provided with the IS-1200+ HObIT. Once installed, the sensor is always ready without need for additional calibration. For use on vehicles, an auto-harmonization algorithm allows the system to self-align the fiducial constellation with the vehicle INS or attitude reference.


InertiaCube4 © InterSense, 2015

The InertiaCube4 offers superior performance over its predecessors while minimzing size and price. The sensor is ideal for real-time applications in simulation & training, virtual & augmented reality, motion capture, and human movement analysis.

The InertiaCube4 integrates the latest in MEMS inertial technology and utilizes advanced Kalman filtering algorithms to produce a full 360° sourceless orientation tracking sensor.

Key Features

  • Sourceless 3DOF tracking with full 360° range
  • Accuracy of 1° yaw, 0.25° pitch & roll
  • 200 Hz update rate
  • 2000° maximum angular rate
  • Adjustable output filters and rotational sensitivity
  • In-situ and environmental Compass Calibration Tools for static magnetic field compensation
  • Native USB and RS-232 versions available
  • AHRS
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