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Art Outsourcing company specializing in Games and Movies production

Kick Motion gathers artists with more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

'Our Team will prepare chosen assets and deliver them to you in the best possible quality. Thanks to it, your company can save time, money, and workforce, which can focus on different priorities. Our team delivers Art with the KICK!. From Concept Art to the final production quality. We create for you all the types of ARTs such as characters, creatures, vehicles, environment, 3D models, animation, VFX, cinematic videos. The style or platform is not the limit for us, with touch the edge of imagination!', says the Kick Motion Team. 


2D Art

  • Concept Art
  • Character design
  • UI desing
  • Illustrations
  • Storyboards
  • Marketing Art
  • Environment design


3D Art

  • Character modeling
  • Vehicles
  • Environment Art
  • Level Art
  • Props design
  • Texturing
  • Hard Surface



  • Character and creature animation
  • Motion graphics
  • UI Animation
  • Cinematic Art
  • Rigging
  • Cut-scenes



  • Particle effects
  • Procedural process
  • Shadder effects
  • Unity3D and Uneal Engine

Kick Motion Team consists of multicultural specialists from around the world. Each one of them brings a unique vision, perspective, and solutions, so your orders are analyzed from different angles and are challenged with various ideas in the creative melting pot.

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