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by Fuck off
7 hours ago

Fuck off, Ad. It cost $$$$$$$

by Paul Jonathan
15 hours ago

Laura, thank you for taking the time to model the warehouse boxes. I appreciate the enginuity. This could be used for games but as well as that, for businessmen to help showcase floorplans and build site images to their co-workers and employees. I highly respect this level of design. Best Paul.

Haha.I can understand English. I am just not good at speaking. It has been a long time I don't speak English, but I can read. Anyway, thanks for sharing my artwork. Thank you for loving it.

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Leadwerks Software was founded in 2006 to make game development fun and enjoyable. The company launched Leadwerks Game Engine 3 in April at the GDC 2013 expo. In July 2013 the company conducted a successful Kickstarter campaign to bring Leadwerks to the Linux operating system, reaching over 200% of their goal in just six weeks.

A concurrent Greenlight campaign for Steam was also successful, making Leadwerks the first 3D game engine approved for distribution on Steam. Leadwerks Game Launcher was released as an early access title in September 2015, enabling anyone to publish their game directly to Steam Workshop.

Leadwerks Game Engine

Leadwerks is the easiest way to make 3D games. Learn everything you need with our comprehensive tutorials. Build games with the world’s most intuitive game development system. Publish to Steam Workshop and show your game off to the world.



  • Built-in Level Design Tools.

Level design is fun again with constructive solid geometry.

Sketch out your game level right in the editor, instead of struggling with expensive modeling programs that are hard to use. Our constructive solid geometry modeling tools are great for rapid prototyping and playtesting.


  • Dead Simple Import.

Drag, drop, done.

Copy an image or model file into your project folder, and it’s instantly imported into the editor. Want to make a change? No problem. Leadwerks will detect changes to your original files and reimport assets when you save them from another program.


  • Built-in Navmesh Pathfinding.

You can run, but you can’t hide.

Leadwerks was designed from the start to support advanced AI, with navmesh pathfinding baked right into the heart of the engine. You can even view the navigation paths as you build your game level, so you can catch mistakes before they become a problem.


  • Integrated Script Editor.

Scripts and shaders, in one integrated IDE.

Stop switching between applications and enjoy our fully-featured script editor with debugging, code stepping, and breakpoints. You can even modify shaders in real-time and view the results instantly, without saving or reloading files.


  • Visual Flowgraph.

Easy control of advanced game interactions.

We believe programming is the foundation of game design, but sometimes you want to create one-time interactions that only run in a single game level. We created a visual flowgraph to handle these kinds of interactions. You can use the flowgraph to quickly design complex gameplay mechanics and sequences of interactive events. The flowgraph system interacts with Lua, so you can always crack open the included Lua scripts, modify them, or create your own to add new functionality.



  • OpenGL 4 Deferred Renderer.

Uniform lighting model with up to 32x hardware MSAA.

Our new OpenGL 4 renderer produces beautiful images that look more like a high-quality cg render than real-time graphics. Optimized deferred rendering is used to provide realistic lighting, with support for any number of lights, all casting dynamic soft shadows. Using modern graphics techniques allows us to take advantage of real hardware MSAA, a high-quality anti-aliasing technique. These techniques combine to produce startlingly sharp and vibrant renders, and our proprietary rendering optimizations make it perform fast.


  • Modern Shader Pipeline.

Vertex, pixel, geometry, and tessellation shaders, all at your fingertips.

Leadwerks gives you access to all stages of the modern rendering pipeline. The built-in live shader editor lets you instantly visualize the results of your shader code, without ever leaving Leadwerks.


  • Dynamic Megatexture Terrain.

Fast rendering of multi-layered terrain with incredible detail.

Splatted textures are very efficient, but look repetitive. Unique texturing for each pixel on a terrain looks amazing, but it requires a lot of hard drive space. We’ve combined the best of both worlds with our own technique we call “dynamic megatextures”. This works by rendering the area around the camera into a series of textures and updating them as the player moves around. The results are beautiful, detailed, and run amazingly fast.

  • Hardware Occlusion Culling.

Automatic occlusion built into the scene manager.

Our proprietary scene management system uses hardware occlusion queries to hide chunks of the world the player can’t see. Occlusion culling in Leadwerks is fast and completely automatic, with no need to ever manually place portals or visibility zones by hand. Best of all, it’s built into every edition of Leadwerks, so your games will always be fast and efficient.



  • Lua Script.

Learn to code with the game industry’s favorite script language.

We integrated Lua right into Leadwerks because of its proven track record in thousands of commercial games, including Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, and even Angry Birds. Our integrated script editor gives you all the tools you need to write game scripts. And the built-in JIT compiler makes your game run at near-native speeds.


  • Transparent Development.

Easy-to-code API with hundreds of examples.

At its heart, Leadwerks is a set of commands you can call in any order, at any time. There’s no funny code conventions or non-standard languages, just you and the Leadwerks API. See for yourself why programmers love Leadwerks.


  • Go Native.

Native Code Development with C++.

Leadwerks Standard Edition gives you full access to our C++ API for ultimate performance, and compatibility with third-party libraries. You’ll use professional-grade tools like Visual Studio and learn the skills game studios look for when hiring.

Still have questions?