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Levelup.Digital is a collection of tutorials created by the most inspiring artists from around the world. Each tutorial is structured as an organized lesson plan in a build-along format. The idea is to get straight into the creation process and gain practical insight into the unique workflows of the artist.

Tutorials covering all the Essential Steps

  • Professional videos that are easy to follow
  • Get straight into the core lessons, with downtime and repetitive steps edited out
  • Bread-crumbing for simple navigation


Learn from the Industry's Best

  • Understand how a professional approaches and breaks down a subject
  • Learn the tools and workflows of top artists
  • Stay up-to-date with crucial skills and practices


Learn at your own pace

  • Pre-recorded video tutorials that you can watch on your own time
  • Suitable for all levels as tutorials follow a narrated, build-from-scratch format


Affordable Learning

  • Learn a new workflow and level up your skill
  • Personal licenses will always be offered at an affordable price to encourage individual growth
  • Small Business and Studio licenses available for multi-users

Levelup.DigitalRecent articles

Tutorial: Advanced Shape Creation in Substance Designer

A thorough guide from Eric Wiley and Levelup.Digital.

Overview: Terrain Erosion in Substance Designer

Environment Artist Bohdan Bilous put into action the capabilities of Substance Designer and created a fully procedural Terrain Erosion Generator.

Modular Tree Creation Tutorial

Daniel Castillo from Elite3d explained the benefits of creating trees using a modular workflow and talked about his ZBrush skills. 

Tutorial: Substance Designer Spaghetti & Meatballs

This tutorial from Levelup.Digital and Daniel Thiger will show you how to cook procedural spaghetti & meatballs in Substance Designer.

Black Friday Sale At Levelup.Digital

Pick up tips and insights into the workflows of industry professionals at Levelup.Digital. All tutorials offered at 35% off for Black Friday!

Tutorial: Designing High-Quality Aircrafts

Principal Artist at EA Dice Andreas Ezelius has recently teamed up with Levelup.Digital to discuss how to create a sci-fi aircraft.

Tutorial: Making Oil Paintings in Substance Designer

Pauline Boiteux and LevelUp.Digital released a new tutorial that will teach you realistic and mind-blowing techniques for making oil paintings using Substance Designer.

Course: Futuristic Weapon Creation

Lennard Claussen teamed up with LevelUp.Digital to release a new tutorial on the weapon creation process.

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