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Leverage Lionbridge’s best-of-breed Machine Translation (MT) to increase your content velocity and localize—not just some—but all your content.
Bridge-builders. Barrier-breakers. Linguistic experts and cultural translators.

Lionbridge’s Team is fluent in 350+ languages, and they work from more than 5,000 cities as they combine human empathy and machine intelligence. They’ve been doing it for 20+ years. Through their world-class platform, they orchestrate a network of 500,000 passionate experts around the world, who partner with brands to create culturally rich experiences. While their roots began in translation, their work today encompasses the realms of linguistics, AI, and data quality. Lionbridge’s experts dig deep to convey the most with every word and extract the most from every data point. Powered by people and augmented by cutting-edge technology, they deliver resonance with speed, scale, and precision.

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