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Architecture is a competitive business. It demands continuously thinking up new ways of convincing potential clients to choose your ideas and designs over those of your competitors. MyLumion enables you to go beyond traditional visualizations with reliable, portable, easy and quick interactive rendering. With the press of a button anyone in the world can take a look inside your designs interactively.

How it works

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It works by sending a weblink to your email, which when clicked, allows you to access and look around the rendered results. Think of it as Google® Streetview® for your own building designs. All it takes is a few minutes to set up and render.

It works on phones, tablets and desktop computers and nearly all browsers are supported. The best news is that you do not need to learn anything to get started. All you need is Lumion 5.7 and a few minutes later anyone can take a look at your designs.

Build your scene

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You create a project on by using the Lumion software package. Lumion allows you to import a model from a CAD package like Revit or Sketchup. After importing, you add trees, vegetation, materials, people, weather and anything else you need to express the intention of your designs. Showing your model in the context of life-like objects allows you to let people experience how your design will feel once it is built.

Create viewpoints

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Once you are done enhancing your model, you click a button to enter mode. In this mode you can define several viewpoints in your scene. Later the customer or colleague can switch between these points to view the model from different angles.

Render the 360 panorama

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With all desired viewpoints in place, you hit the render button to send your Lumion project to After providing your email address, Lumion will quickly render many images and combine them into 360 panoramas.

Upload to the cloud

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Once the panoramas are automatically uploaded, Lumion presents you with a button to view the result in your browser. An email containing a link to the result is also sent to your email address, so you can view your project at a later time. You can also forward the link to other people so they can look around in the scene that you rendered.

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