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41 min ago

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Wow, the YouTube video was released in November. How have I never seen it before? I've probably watched it three times in the past hour. It's an absolutely amazing production. What was the budget for this?

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MadTracker™ is the composition tool that creates the shortest path between imagination and music. Based on the tracker concept, MadTracker provides a clean and intuitive interface for a powerful and efficient approach to making music. Versatility and compatibility are guaranteed due to full VST™, ASIO™ and ReWire™ support, while its computer charge is minimal. Read all about this and more in the specifications below!



  • Bilingual: English and Français
  • Runs under every version of Windows without any special requirements
  • Intuitive windowed interface with dual-screen support
  • Built-in chat (for instant help or peer chatting)
  • ProTracker & FastTracker keyboard shortcuts
  • Mouse wheel support
  • File browser


Sampler / Tracker

  • 64 tracks with 4 polyphony channels per track
  • 32-bit internal mixing with 16-bit interpolation
  • Very accurate pitches (40-bit precision)
  • Volume ramping (48-bit precision)
  • Advanced click removal
  • Resonant filter for each instrument
  • New Note Actions
  • All the common tracker pattern commands + new commands
  • 1 volume column and 1 panning column
  • 4-digit command parameters (hexadecimal)
  • Drums patterns
  • Stereo samples
  • Synchronized samples
  • Keep-on-disk samples


Advanced Features

  • Track FX (Delay, Stereo Delay, Filter, Flange, Analog Filter, mpReverb, mpReverb 2)
  • Track EQ (3-band)
  • Automation (envelopes for tracks volume, track effects and VST parameters)
  • VST 2.3 support (effects and instruments)
  • ReWire 2 support (synth/slave mode)

Supported File Formats


  • Projects
    • MadTracker 2 Module (*.MT2)
    • Extended Module (*.XM)
    • MIDI Files (*.MID)
    • Impulse Tracker Module (*.IT) (import only)
    • Scream Tracker Module (*.S3M) (import only)
    • ProTracker Module (*.MOD) (import only)
    • Unreal Music Files (*.UMX) (import only)
  • Instruments
    • MadTracker 2 Instrument (*.MTI)
    • FastTracker 2 Instrument (*.XI)
  • Samples
    • MadTracker 2 Sample (*.MTS)
    • Microsoft Wave (*.WAV)
    • Macintosh AIFF (*.AIF)
    • Amiga IFF (*.IFF)
  • VST
    • VST 2 Bank (*.FXB)
    • VST 2 Preset (*.FXP)
  • Miscellaneous
    • MadTracker 2 Pattern (*.MTP)
    • MadTracker 2 Envelope (*.MTE)
    • MadTracker 2 Extension (*.MTX)
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