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Maxwell Render
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Maxwell Render™ is a physically correct, unbiased rendering engine. By calculating complex light interactions, Maxwell Render is capable of simulating light exactly as in the real world. Unbiased means Maxwell Render™ does not use tricks to imitate real world behavior like other renderers – everything is reproduced as it is through governing physical equations. Maxwell Render™ can fully capture all light interactions between all elements in a scene no matter how complex they are. All lighting calculations are performed using spectral information and high dynamic range data.


Maxwell Render is a standalone render engine for making perfect images, films and animations from 3D models. It is the complete solution for anyone who demands immaculate results on a deadline. Maxwell Render offers maximum quality, speed, and compatibility for architects, designers and visual effects artists.


  • It saves you time…

Maxwell Render uses no tricks and no approximations, it just does what real light does. From the core render engine to the camera model, everything in Maxwell Render is real world and correct. This is our obsession.  So that makes for great photorealistic images, ok. But getting images this good is complicated and takes forever, right? Well, no. In fact, with Maxwell you’ll be counting the time you save in days, not minutes. The entire Maxwell Render work process is revolutionary- saving you time and money at every turn, from production times to decision cycles.

  • It speaks your language


Maxwell Render is all about the real language of light. There are very few technical concepts and you don’t need to be a CG technician to use it. Maxwell Render works just like a camera, with lenses, shutter speeds and f-stops, so it’s quick and easy to learn. If you are a photographer or cinematographer, then you’ll be talking the same language!

  • It’s predictable and reliable

That’s the thing about following the laws of physics – it means you can rely on the results. You won’t get any weird results or surprises, so you can forget constant re-rendering and waiting around for tests. You can come back to your finished render and find exactly the result you wanted. Every time and on every frame.

  • Quick and simple set-up

Maxwell Render has just one basic render parameter. Being based on the natural behavior of light means that you can forget a whole heap of abstract parameters like bounces, or choosing algorithms. You just decide on the quality/sharpness you require, and Maxwell does the rest. It’s like a breath of fresh air!


Maxwell Render is perfectly adapted for 3D visualizations in design and architecture, as well as for film, animation and VFX. Maxwell Render plugs into numerous 3D and CAD platforms, which means you can work with Maxwell Render directly from your usual application.  And for any platforms that we don’t support directly, you can import to Maxwell Studio, our sophisticated standalone scene editor, to compose, edit and render. And uniquely, this is all available from a single license purchase.

  • For film, animation and VFX

Maxwell Render brings a more realistic and natural approach to rendering that speaks the same language as cinematographers. Renowned across the industry as a “ground truth” render, it is not only used extensively for final rendering but also as a key element in look development.

Maxwell Render’s innovative resume render feature allows renders to be stopped and resumed at any time. This unique approach means that you can actually overlap post production with rendering so that they take place simultaneously. It can literally shave days off of your production time. And because Maxwell is physically accurate, there’s no flickering. Saving you yet more time.

  • Visualization for Architecture

Maxwell Render is impeccably accurate, because its engine is based on the physics of real light – so this means predictable and beautiful results with a lot less tweaking. Maxwell is so accurate, in fact, that many architects use it not only for final renders, but as an integral part of the design process.

Maxwell has just one material model for all of the 3D and CAD applications that we support. So if you switch between platforms on the same project, say from ArchiCAD to SketchUp or Rhino – you won’t need to convert the materials or the lighting. And you can use all of the plugins with just one license.

  • Product Design

Maxwell Render brings complete precision to your design visualizations. Because it follows the actual physics of real light, it is accurate and predictable – which means stunning results without the need for tweaking.
This powerful render engine is partnered with great time-saving features such as our real-time scene preview, and Maxwell’s famous Multilight™ feature for adjusting light intensities and colors post-render (which means you can save out as many different images as you like all from the same render).

Maxwell Render has just one universal material model for all of the 3D and CAD applications that we support (with fully integrated plugins).

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