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MINELOADER is your dedicated full pipeline solution provider. Studio’s teams, who have sufficient capacity and scale to take big projects, are able to work with the clients’ pipeline and standard to provide comprehensive 3D Level Art production services, from scene planning, production to integration and VFX creation.

MINELOADER Studios provide such services as full-level game production, mobile games development, 3D-animation, 3D-assets, 3D-characters, porting.

Their animation team has exuberant creativity, comprehensive animation techniques, and rich multi-platform game production experience, with which they are highly qualified to design and create variously stylized keyframe character animations. 

MINELOADER’s teams are committed to creating various kinds of 3D assets through the most advanced techniques and tools, including vehicles, weapons, and interior assets. They have strong experience in handling the production of variously stylized assets on different kinds of game platforms.

MINELOADER’s teams are able to provide the complete 3D character production process, from concept art painting, 3D modeling to character rigging and animation making. They can create a vivid character from scratch and deliver that to their clients.

It’s a common need to port a game from one platform to another. MINELOADER’s professional team will do all the development and testing, to make sure your game meets all the requirements of the new platforms to win a successful release.

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