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by Big Petey
4 hours ago

Yeah that's pretty much how people start a company, with their own money. That's nothing special.

by 80Reader
16 hours ago

Hi, is it possible to download it somewhere else other than the marketplace?

Amazing work. I would really appriciate if you post a tutorial about that ornament. Thanks

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Model-2-Sprite is a tool which will allow you to quickly create sprite sheets using your 3D models, allowing you to easily use all your 3D media in your 2D games. Or use sprites in your 3D games for 'character select screens' or your game 'HUD' saving CPU and loading times.


  • Supports X and DBO model formats.
  • Exports to: bmp, jpg, tga, png, dds, ppm, dib, hdr, pfm.
  • Add effects/shaders using fx or dbs files.
  • Complete camera control including ‘FOV’ and ‘Aspect Ratio’.
  • Multiple dynamic lights.
  • Quick access to animation data using ‘First Person Shooter Creator’ fpe file format.
  • Exports agc files to help get you started with ‘App Game Kit’.
  • Information and examples.

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