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by Marc Che
12 hours ago

Long life to Embark studio and its fabulous procedural artists dream team !

truly excellent and inspiring to read. Would have loved to read some on the texturing since that is top-notch.

great environment with a lovely serene sense. Thanks for the write-up!

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Model-2-Sprite is a tool which will allow you to quickly create sprite sheets using your 3D models, allowing you to easily use all your 3D media in your 2D games. Or use sprites in your 3D games for 'character select screens' or your game 'HUD' saving CPU and loading times.


  • Supports X and DBO model formats.
  • Exports to: bmp, jpg, tga, png, dds, ppm, dib, hdr, pfm.
  • Add effects/shaders using fx or dbs files.
  • Complete camera control including ‘FOV’ and ‘Aspect Ratio’.
  • Multiple dynamic lights.
  • Quick access to animation data using ‘First Person Shooter Creator’ fpe file format.
  • Exports agc files to help get you started with ‘App Game Kit’.
  • Information and examples.

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