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NaturalMotion is creating the next-generation of mobile games and animation technology that will redefine the industry. If you want to push the boundaries of believable characters and work on the cutting-edge of gaming, we want to hear from you.

We’re a leading games and technology company based in Oxford, London, Brighton and San Francisco.

We’re one of the fastest growing social mobile publishers on iOS and Android, and our middleware tools are used to create the biggest blockbuster titles.

We focus on creating innovative ultra-high-quality games and products, using our own proprietary technology and with our cutting-edge art and design teams we always aim to set new standards rather than copy others.

We’re also hiring! If you can see yourself building the future from any of our offices – you ought to check out our available roles and get in touch



Use Morpheme 7 to bring unified character performances to your game. Full pipeline support for blend shapes and float channels combined with rich visualisation and debugging tools make it simple to seamlessly combine facial animation with full body movement within a familiar intuitive user interface.

Use Morpheme Dynamics to incorporate physically realistic secondary motion to attachments, ponytails and clothing without relying on a global physics engine. Simply drop in the node into your network, just as you would with IK or other procedural animation, and the integrated Morpheme Dynamics solver will calculate the motion of the authored chain of joints.

Optimise and simplify Morpheme assets by using Static Analysis to examine the structure of networks and provide feedback and solutions to common issues. This flexible system and be easy customised and extended to detect and solve problems that are specific to your project.

Specialised, light-weight State Machines provide optimal performance when running crowds of characters. This, combined with the stripped back runtime architecture takes the best advantage of current hardware, improving in-game performance and memory usage.

Morpheme continues to provide support for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Android and iOS. Morpheme is also integrated with Nvidia® PhysX™, Havok™ Physics, and Unreal® Engine® 4.

Note: When running Morpheme on last generation hardware and for titles using Unreal® Engine 3, we recommend using Morpheme version 6, which will continue to be supported.

Morpheme with Euphoria


Euphoria allows characters to dynamically synthesise motion in response to events around them. For example, protecting themselves from a heavy fall or reacting to gunfire. This unique, ground-breaking system allows developers to create responses and characters that simply isn't possible with traditional approaches to animation, and is fully integrated into Morpheme.

Morpheme with Euphoria continues to provide support for Xbox One™, Playstation®4 and PC. Morpheme with Euphoria is also integrated with Nvidia® PhysX™ 3 and Unreal® Engine® 4.
Bringing Games to Life
Euphoria represents a step change towards creating truly believable characters, worlds and games. Instead of playing back canned animation, Euphoria uses the CPU to generate motion on the fly by simulating a character’s motor nervous system, body and muscles. With Euphoria, games are truly live. Anything can happen. Euphoria is optimised to run on PlayStation®4, Xbox One® and PC, and is powering some of the biggest blockbuster games of all time including Grand Theft Auto 4, Red Dead Redemption, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
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