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by Mandy Rozana
1 days ago

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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

by Weston Mitchell⛏️🐭
2 days ago

nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

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Neoglyphic Entertainment is a transmedia studio engineered from the ground-up to tell epic stories seamlessly over multiple mediums worldwide.

NeoFur Plugin

Fur, FIbers, & More for Unreal Engine 4

We’re thrilled to finally show the Unreal Community the below technical demonstration of our NeoFur Plugin for Unreal Engine 4. NeoFur Plugin helps developers create gorgeous and dynamic fur for their characters and environments. NeoFur Plugin can be used for short fur, fibers, and other soft fuzzy surfaces.


Easy to use

  • Drag & Drop setup with blueprints
  • Import control splines via FBX from many common hair-authoring tools


Cross platform Geometry Shells

  • Shells and their simulation are supported on PC, Mobile, Oculus/VR
  • The number of shells and their spacing can be controlled via blueprint
  • Shells can be generated on any Static or Skeletal mesh

Dynamic Simulation

  • Shells can be simulated via Compute Shaders or a Software mode
  • Physics-driven simulation includes proper gravity and momentum
  • Physics parameters such as gravity, stiffness, etc. are controllable by the user
  • Physics support Unreal Engines Wind and Radial forces

Advanced Shading

  • Custom coloring, length and thickness controlled via textures
  • Rim lighting, Ambient Occlusion, and advanced Specular controls
  • Receives and casts dynamic shadows


Example Assets

  • High fidelity Stylized Raccoon character
  • 18 different procedural noise patterns for Fur and Fiber materials
  • Several example Rug/Carpets

Planned future features

  • More LOD capabilities
  • More collision & physics
  • Improved shading and true anisotropic specular
  • Improved authoring

We also anticipate the use of this plugin for other things–such as comic outlines or even volumetrics!

Still have questions?
The award-winning plugin to create dynamic, realistic fur and fuzzy surfaces for console, PC, cinematic, mobile and VR/AR now available to Unity developers

1 December, 2016