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PhysX is a scalable multi-platform game physics solution supporting a wide range of devices, from smartphones to high-end multicore CPUs. While the PhysX SDK is designed primarily for game developers, it is also used by researchers, educators, and simulation application developers who need real time performance and robust behavior. Features include discrete and continuous collision detection, raycasting and shape sweeps, solvers for rigid body dynamics, fluids, and particles, as well as vehicle and character controllers.

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Real World Experience

PhysX has been used in over 450 games, and with many more currently in development across all major gaming platforms, the PhysX SDK is a favorite with hundreds of game studios and publishers around the world. The popularity of PhysX does not stop there. Because the binary build of the PhysX SDK can be used freely for both non-commercial and commercial PC (WindowsTM desktop) applications, with no license fees or royalties, the PhysX SDK has been downloaded by tens of thousands of enthusiasts worldwide, including:

  • professional and indie game developers
  • students and instructors from grade school through graduate school
  • industrial simulation specialists
  • commercial game engine developers
  • producers of middleware and digital content creation tools.

PhysX in UE4: Infiltrator Demo

PhysX has been scoring design wins across a wide spectrum of products because the SDK makes it easier and faster to develop better games and applications than one could otherwise. PhysX is a complete physics solution that enables realistic game play, compelling simulations and dynamic effects. PhysX is a proven top competitor among physics engines and supports all major gaming platforms, from mobile devices and consoles to multicore PC’s both with or without GPU acceleration.

Key Features

  • Rigid Body Simulation
  • Collision Detection
  • Character Controller
  • Particles
  • Vehicles
  • Cloth

Platforms Win, OSX, Linux, XBOX®, PlayStation®, Android, ioS
Engines Unreal® Engine 3, Unreal® Engine 4, Unity®
Tools PhysX Visual Debugger, Maya DCC Plug-In, 3D Studio MAX DCC Plug-In,

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