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3d art outsourcing services

Their experienced team of specialist artists is waiting to design the beautiful, coherent environments which will bring your game worlds to life. They work with the latest 2D/3D techniques and tools to create environments that will evoke immersive atmospheres and believable worlds, keeping your players engaged and entranced.

They started their artistic journey 10 years ago when their founder launched the architectural visualisation company OmegaRender. Every day spent creating the buildings of the future, transported them to new worlds and unique spaces: skyscrapers above the clouds and parks on the roofs, forms which seem eccentric for today but possessed of an elegance which will see them commonplace in the decades to come. The team reflected the vision of architects illustrating the future of interaction between society and city, through the development of culture and ideas. They were continually inspired by this opportunity to work with open-minded, creative people.

Their process: 

1. Discuss the idea, synchronize vision and set goals
2. Highlight key points, estimate milestones, and delivery time
3. Selecting a payment model and signing a contract
4. Creation, managment and interim approvals and adjustments
5. Final delivery and support


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