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Thats really cool talk :)

Wow it's so refreshing to see projects inspired by serious cinema and even more literature, most 3D artist I know probably never heard of Tarkovsky and wouldn't go through an Art film that is "foreign", 2.5 hours and has really slow shots. It's a shame, there's so much inspiration out there waiting to be taken from all the brilliant XX century Masters of cinema... Keep up the good work, I really hope to see more stuff from you.

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OneSky is a localization service that helps game companies improve the translation process together with high quality human translation.

OneSky is a localization service for games. Unlike traditional agencies, OneSky offers a translation management system to improve the game development process besides the high quality gamer translator network. Just focus on building your high quality games and leave all the tedious translation tasks to OneSky. We value the translation quality and your development efficiency the most.

Major features

High Quality Gamer Translator Network

OneSky works with 1,200+ human translators all around the world to support 40+ popular languages. In order to ensure the quality, 95% of our translators are native speakers and living in those corresponding countries. The remaining 5% provided us very prominent portfolio together with nice track records on OneSky.

We know games well. So we only assign gamer translators to work with the gaming clients. We make sure those translators play games, understand the terminology in the games.

You don’t need to worry about the hassles looking for and screening translators. OneSky does it for you.

Rich File Format Support

OneSky supports 30+ popular file formats that are usually being used localizing technical products. That means your engineering team doesn’t need to spend time converting technical files back and forth with spreadsheets.

We take the technical source files from our clients and return with the translated technical files. All the translation, review tasks will be done on OneSky’s platform without digging into the technical file formats. We do all the technical validations and variable checkings for you.

No more complaints from the engineering team to the non-engineer translators breaking their technical format with the wrong translation.

Smooth Localization Process

OneSky offers a cloud translation management platform to deal with the needs of engineers, product managers and translators. The process is so smooth that they don’t need to communicate out of OneSky.

By integrating the development process with OneSky, all the newly added phrases can be automatically pushed to OneSky while the new translations can be automatically downloaded as well. You can detach the development process with the localization process so that the engineering team can work as fast as possible without worrying about the localization.

All the communications related to the translation flow can be finished directly on OneSky. Product managers can leave comments and upload screenshots as reference for some ambiguous phrases. The translators can work on OneSky’s translation tool to complete all the translations. The reviewers (either provided by OneSky or your internal international team members) can also review the completed translations on OneSky directly.

Each of the party can do their job in the best way without communication overheads. The process can never be more smooth.

Localization Consultation

You may checkout the games that OneSky has been working with in

OneSky understands that localization is difficult and tedious. Feel free to ask us if you’d need any consultation or suggestion. We’ll be happy to provide help with

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