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PhaseSpace systems are the industry's price / performance leader for motion tracking and position sensing. Using active LED markers and advanced software, PhaseSpace systems provide highly accurate data in real-time.


© PhaseSpace, 2015

PhaseSpace has revolutionized the motion capture process into one that is easy, affordable and fast. PhaseSpace’s patented Active LED technology and sophisticated real-time processing eliminates marker-swapping and significantly reduces drop-outs.The Impulse X2 is the next step in the evolution of the Impulse Motion Capture System, which is recognized as the industry’s most advanced tracking solution.

Advantages of the Impulse X2 System

  • Real-time tracking of multiple subjects & objects
  • Patented active marker technology eliminates marker-swapping for cleaner data
  • Solid, precise motion data with sub-millimeter resolution
  • Streamlined operation means a single person can setup and run the system
  • Portable system enabling indoor and outdoor motion capture
  • 960Hz capture rate accurately tracks the fastest motions
  • Stream motion data directly into third-party software such as MotionBuilder, JACK, Visual3D, etc…

Flexible, Scalable and Powerful

  • Capture up to 8 human subjects (body and fingers), more with multiple systems
  • Track very high speed motion at up to 960 frames per second
  • Capture spaces can be anywhere from 8’x8′ to 50’x50′, even larger with overlapping camera setups or multiple systems
  • Easy, smooth set up and operation
  • Scales from 2 cameras to 48+ cameras
  • Unsurpassed customer service and support
  • Used by demanding, high-profile customers including NASA, Naval Research Lab, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, Disney, Harmonix, University of Cambridge, Stanford, and UC Berkeley


© PhaseSpace, 2015


  • Scalable from 2 to 48+ PhaseSpace Impulse X2 cameras
  • Server machine with built-in hub and base station
  • Cameras are daisy-chained and powered directly by the PhaseSpace HUB
  • Active LED markers
  • LED controllers
  • Cables, mounts, etc.
  • PhaseSpace Software Package
  • API/SDK in C++ and Python
  • Telephone, Email and Live Online Support included


  • Lightweight linear detector based cameras (3600 x 3600 resolution at 960 Hz)
  • Sub-pixel resolution to 36000 x 36000 at 960Hz
  • 60 degrees camera field of view
  • Active LED technology resulting in a unique ID for each marker
  • Server machine with integrated HUB supports from 2 to 48+ Impulse X2 cameras
  • Data streamed in real-time to multiple clients, even over a network or the Internet
  • API/SDK provides support for third-party applications for real-time user interaction


© PhaseSpace, 2015

he Impulse X2 motion capture system has some of the most sophisticated and advanced hardware available. All of this technology was designed to make motion capture easier and more reliable. PhaseSpace has taken the hard work away from the user and packed it into the hardware. The entire system consists of only a few robust, portable elements.


Dimensions: 108 mm x 92 mm x 57 mm (4.25″ x 3.62″ x 2.25″)
Weight: 380 grams (13.4 ounces)
Each camera achieves an Optical Resolution of 3600 x 3600 (12 Megapixel) using two linear detectors with 16-bit dynamic range. Onboard processors produce an impressive Subpixel Resolution of 30,000 x 30,000 at 960 Hz.


Dimensions: 126 mm x 70 mm x 25 mm (5″ x 2.75″ x 0.85″)
Weight: 90 grams (0.2lbs)
The LED Controller, an RF transceiver, utilizes an onboard microprocessor to control up to 72 LEDs. Battery life is 2 to 4 hours of continual use, up to 8 hours of typical use.


Dimensions: 20 mm x 14 mm x 3.2 mm (0.8″ x 0.55″)
Weight: 4.5 grams (0.01lbs)
Each LED modulates at a unique frequency resulting in a unique digital ID. LEDs are available in Red visible and Infra-red versions.


Dimensions: 44.76 x 17.78 x 45.43cm (17.6 x 7 x 17.9in)
Weight: Starting at 10.7 kg
Processor: Intel Quad Core
Chipset:Intel 3450 Chipset
Memory: 4GB
Integrated PhaseSpace HUB
Network: Gigabit
Built-in 2.4 Ghz Transceiver synchronizes the LED controllers with the server.


Dimensions: 96.5 x 3.8 x 3.8cm (38 x 1.5 x 1.5in)
The calibration wand serves as the principal tool used to accurately calibrate the system. The calibration wand allows a user to calibrate the given capture area in a matter of minutes.


© PhaseSpace, 2015

Because of the patented active LED technology, PhaseSpace has reduced the reliance on complicated software to resolve marker positions. Unlike traditional motion capture systems that require users to template markers or place them asymmetrically, PhaseSpace systems resolve the unique IDs automatically. This allows the software to be uncomplicated and very easy to use. PhaseSpace also includes a full C++ and Python API to allow users to write their own custom applications. All PhaseSpace software runs on both Linux and Windows.


© PhaseSpace, 2015

Recap2 doubles as an interface to the PhaseSpace system and a data cleanup tool. It includes a skeleton generator to estimate joint angles and output skeleton data. Record, process, and export .C3D or .BVH files all from a single application.


© PhaseSpace, 2015

PhaseSpace Master functions as the primary client to the PhaseSpace motion capture system. Just a click of a button starts the system. From here, multiple client nodes are able to connect as secondary clients. Master supports session and take recording, outputting in the PhaseSpace .RPD format as well as .C3D.


© PhaseSpace, 2015

The PhaseSpace Configuration Manager is the main interface for configuring and monitoring PhaseSpace systems. Accessible from any browser on the same network, this interface enables remote configuration of the motion capture system.


© PhaseSpace, 2015

Quick and easy calibration using a single-step process takes just a few minutes for PhaseSpace systems, in almost any space and configuration. Like all PhaseSpace applications, the calibration software can be run remotely on a client machine.


© PhaseSpace, 2015

Using the PhaseSpace plugin for MotionBuilder, PhaseSpace systems are able to stream real-time optical data directly into MotionBuilder, giving users access to MotionBuilder’s industry-leading character animation features.


© PhaseSpace, 2015

VRPN is a library of classes in C++ developed by theUniversity of North Carolina that provide an abstraction layer for many types of tracking devices. It is favored by many companies and universities as a method to reduce development overhead by having a common API to interface with a variety of hardware devices. VRPN opens up a new layer of compatibility with VRPN capable software, such as 3DVIA’sVirtools and WorldViz’s Vizard.

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15 July, 2015