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by Mandy Rozana
1 days ago

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Very impressive article Jake! You are very talented.

by Weston Mitchell⛏️🐭
1 days ago

nice article! i love seeing the breakdowns.

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We believe modern software development must include a cross-platform user experience and that your tech strategy should be based on easy creation of connected devices, UIs and applications that run anywhere on any device, on any operating system at any time – making your end users’ life easier. With Qt, you can do this and more.

Device Creation

Easily Create Powerful & Connected Devices


© The Qt Company, 2015

We believe that to execute successful multi-screen and Internet of Things strategies you need to have exceptional time-to-market without sacrifice to your brand. This means you can create connected devices with unique and modern UIs that exceed your customers’ expectations and which run on all your users’ screens. You connect them to a world of services regardless ofplatform choice and, of course, all with excellent performance.

Platform Independence
Internet of Things

You can write and recycle Qt application and device UI code to run on all your target devices. You can take your applications everywhere: embedded,desktop and mobile platforms. Qt lets you future-proof your “things” by making them platform independent. Should you want diversity between platforms, like a responsive UI design for different screen sizes, this is simple to implement with Qt, as well.

Rapid Embedded Prototyping & Deployment


© The Qt Company, 2015

A key focus for us is to help you get your embedded device to market quickly. Use Qt for everything: Start with our software stack, customize it to you needs, create your connected embedded device, process the Big Data in between, and design a beautiful client-side UI for the whole end-user device space.

We don’t want you wasting hundreds of man hours just setting up your embedded toolchains. Prototyping on a real device can start immediately upon installation of Qt commercial with our fully pre-configured software stack, Boot to Qt for embedded Linux. We provide full embedded tooling for direct device deployment, on-device debugging and profiling, and the needed tools to customize your stack.

Modern UX & Top Performance

Our focus is on providing you with the best developer experience in the market, allowing you to focus solely on creating the ultimate user experience. You can provide your customers with more functionality yet write, debug and maintain less code. Write your application without worrying about nasty platform details. With Qt Creator IDE and a variety ofUI approaches, we have made creating embedded devices agile and painless without sacrifice to maximum native performance.

Application Environment

Making your end user’s life easier is a must


© The Qt Company, 2015

We believe creating user experiences that amaze your customers should be easy and that having your applications run on all their devices should be a given. They expect it. We make it possible.

Cross-platform is our specialty


© The Qt Company, 2015

We make cross-platform application development easy. Target all the screens in your end users’ lives. You only need to write and maintain one code base regardless of what kind of and how many target platforms you might have and we’re talking about all major operating systems here. No need for separate implementations for different user devices. Qt makes your time-to-market faster, technology strategy simpler and future-proof, consequently reducing costs.

Development productivity is our other specialty


© The Qt Company, 2015

We know no self-respecting developer will choose a software development framework for its cross-platform capabilities alone. Being able to write beautiful and clean code easily is definitely a key concern for us. Our extensive and intuitive technology is proven to speed time-to-market by 50% for cross-platform and multi-screen development. We don’t make this stuff up. We hear it from our users.

What’s in the box

Everything You Need


© The Qt Company, 2015

Qt combines functionality with productivity. You can amaze your users with stunning UIs and native performance by developing your desktop and multiscreen applications with Qt.

  • C++ library classes – comprehensive, highly intuitive, and modularized
  • Declarative programming technology – exquisite UI design with Qt Quick
  • Tooling – productive and professional development with Qt Creator IDE
  • Qt saves you development time, adds efficiency and ultimately shortens your time-to-market.

Qt Services


© The Qt Company, 2015

Qt is a powerful framework that lets you create stunning user interfaces with amazing performance. We want to help you to achieve optimal results by using Qt building blocks in the best possible way, which is why we offer an extensive range of Qt advisory services.

You can tap into the wealth of experience that exists within the creators of Qt and also benefit from our broad network of technology and service partners.

From UX concept design to Qt hardware adaptation, we can advise and help you make the best decisions throughout development to meet your milestones on time and create the product you want.

Contact us to learn more about how The Qt Company and Qt Service Partners can help you with your project.

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