Rocksalt is where creativity happens, and imagination is reality. They develop stunning 3D/2D game art assets and animation across genres and platforms.

Rocksalt works on 70+ games spans across indie developers and AAA titles. Their teams in India and the Philippines are good and very diverse creating both 2D, concepts, marketing material, animation, and in-game assets for mobile and streaming games. Plus 3D for AAA assets, environment, and characters, including rigging and animated cycles, enabling them to take responsibility for a consistent chunk of work from concept to in-game delivery.

Rocksalt's specialties:

Concept & Marketing Art

They create marketing and concept art across styles ranging from cartoony to stylized, realistic to hyper-realistic.

2D Game Art

They master the art of producing game-ready assets that match a title’s core idea. Right from conceptualization to asset integration.

3D Game Art

From high polytexturing, to in-game with high complexity and engine integration.


Enhancing the player’s visual experience is the main mission of their animation studio. From rigging to 3D animation. Mo-cap clean up, adding key-frame. 2D and Spine animation


They add drama by optimizing particle effects, destruction, blood splatter, lightning, explosions, and more to make your gameplay stunning.


Developing content for games, AR/VR-based design for education, training, and learning modules is just another day for a game artist at Rocksalt. They ensure a complete immersive experience.

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