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Collect customer data with one API and send it to hundreds of tools for analytics, marketing, and data warehousing.


Integrations for every team.

Access the data and tools you need without being blocked by technical implementations or complexities.


One API. Cleaner code.

Track customer interactions once, on any platform.



  • What is Segment?

Segment is the place to collect customer data and send it to tools for analytics, marketing automation, and raw data access with SQL.

Use a single API to collect data from mobile apps, websites, and servers. Segment formats the data so you can send it to any tool on our platform.


  • What is customer data?

Analytics, marketing automation, email, user testing, error reporting, and support tools all require the same data: who are your users and what are they doing.

  • Where can you use the data?

Leverage hundreds of apps on our platform with the flip of a switch.

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