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ShiVa3D is a 3D game and application development suite that comes in a n easy to use, yet very powerful WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor. Consider ShiVa the glue between your creative ideas, your art, your code, and the hardware you are targeting.

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ShiVa can export games and applications for over 20 target platforms, including Mobile like iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, Desktops like Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, Web browsers supporting Flash, HTML5 and our custom plugin, as well as Game Consoles like the Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and Nintendo Wii. There is barely any system ShiVa does not have a port for!

The ShiVa Suite – Showcase

ShiVa is a complete suite that helps you create games and publish them to the platforms of your choice. It has been used to create an astounding list of fun, high quality games over the years, both by big publishers and small indie studios alike. We simply could not list all the fun, high-quality games made with our software during its run, so we decided on listing a few high-profile games that have been released in recent years. Enjoy our games showcase, and maybe try one or the other!

ShiVa Editor

User interface © ShiVa Technologies, 2015

The ShiVa Editor is a WYSIWYG software for designing games and applications. It comes with 21 modules, ranging from terrain and animation editors to material tools and a fully integrated code editor. No matter if you are designing a first person shooter, a racing game, an action platformer, an open world game or a mobile puzzler, ShiVa has the right tools for you on board.

ShiVa Authoring Tool

This free companion application compiles projects generated by the ShiVa Editor into executable standalone applications for all supported platforms, from Desktops over Mobiles to Game Consoles. Publish your games to a wide range of target platforms in just three steps – cross platform development has never been easier!

The Authoring Tool runs on both Windows and Mac OS X. Apple soft- and hardware are required in order to build for OS X and iOS.

ShiVa Server

Multi-platform support © ShiVa Technologies, 2015

ShiVa Server is the perfect solution for multiplayer and multiuser applications. Depending on your bandwidth, it can handle thousands of players simultaneously, synchronize your clients, and even let them talk to each other over VOIP. ShiVa Server is available as a separate license. ShiVa Server is available on Windows and Linux.


An island in ShiVa3D © ShiVa Technologies, 2015


  • Polygonal mesh support, including static meshes, skinned meshes with up to 4 joints per vertex
  • Import Collada 3.x, 4.x and Autodesk DWF
  • up to 15,000,000 triangles per frame
  • built-in level of detail generation
  • terrain geometry for vast, detailed environments using geo-spatial informationdata (GeoTIFF, ASCII .xyz, NASA and IGN) and ortho-photos
  • multi-layer real-time paint editing for geometry, material and vegetation


  • simple gouraud, phong and toon shaders, advanced vertex and pixel shaders
  • fresnel, outline, SSAO, DoF, bloom, blur, sepia, monochrome and distortion effects
  • normal, specular, parallax and noise map support on animated, dynamic or static textures
  • real time and static shadow generation with ambient occlusion
  • built-in material editor
  • built-in scene ambience editor
  • ocean shader for infinite maritime scenes
  • Lights and Shadows
  • directional and omni-directional dynamic shadows, up to 32 lights per surface
  • multiple shadows, cascaded shadow maps with pcf
  • import light maps / vertex lighting
  • skinned objects casting dynamic shadows
  • built-in lightmap compiler with light attenuation functions and ambient occlusion
  • Particles and Trails
  • dynamic particle system and motion trail support for explosions, splashes, fire, rain, snow, underwater air bubbles, etc.
  • built-in particle and polytrail editor

3D Special Effects

ShiVa3D special effects © ShiVa Technologies, 2015
  • dynamically generated reflection and refraction textures
  • water distortion effects, mirrors, heat haze
  • fog attenuation, classic fog and height-restricted fog


easy to learn Lua-based scripting language with thousands of ShiVa-specific functions and constants

built-in debugger, compiler and Lua-to-C++ converter

C++ plugin support to extend the engine (requires ShiVa Advanced edition)


  • hierarchical animation support for characters and creatures
  • unlimited number of joints /4 bone influences per vertex
  • up to 8 simultaneous animation channels per object with smooth blending

HUD and 2D

ShiVa3d clouds © ShiVa Technologies, 2015


  • ShiVa includes a user interface component management system and UI builder
  • HUD features common components like label, button, editbox, listbox, checkbox etc.
  • transition and animation effects for components through interface actions
  • built-in HUD editor


  • ShiVa includes an embedded server for small multiplayer games up to 16 players
  • GET and POST through XML
  • optional ShiVa Server license for dedicated multiplayer games with thousands of players


ShiVa3D physics © ShiVa Technologies, 2015


  • ODE-based physics with polygonal collision meshes, static and moving bodies
  • robust and optimized ray-casting
  • unlimited size and number of faces
  • management of physical parameters (form, mass, friction, bounce, etc.)
  • linear and angular forces, fields and impulses
  • joints (universal, spring, hinge, slider, car axle, motor joints, etc.)
  • compound dynamic bodies made from multiple spheres, boxes and capsules
  • built-in attributes editor for dynamics


  • 2d/3d sound with up to 5.1 surround sound support
  • real-time, script-based control of gain or pitch
  • 3d sound positioning, spacialization and collision
  • ambient music with large music file streaming
  • volume control and automatic cross-fade between music.

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