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by Big Petey
3 hours ago

Yeah that's pretty much how people start a company, with their own money. That's nothing special.

by 80Reader
16 hours ago

Hi, is it possible to download it somewhere else other than the marketplace?

Amazing work. I would really appriciate if you post a tutorial about that ornament. Thanks

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SIMI® manufactures high-end image-based Motion Capture and Analysis Systems.

Simi Shape 3D

Markerless Motion Capture and Analysis with Simi Shape 3D
Simi Shape 3D allows full-body 3D motion capture and analysis without any markers! Simi Shape captures movement based on silhouettes.

What makes Simi Shape 3D unique?

– no time loss due to attaching markers
– less failure potential due to misplacement of markers
– no artefacts because of markers moving on skin or clothes
– no disturbance of movement caused by markers
– hybrid tracking possibility
– automatic processing

All possibilities of Simi Motion regarding data acquisition (synchronized high-speed video, kinematics, force plates, EMG, pressure, etc.), data processing, and data analysis. Simi Shape integrated with Simi Motion offers the unique solution for hybrid use of two technologies, marker-based and markerless. While capturing markerless it can use additional markers, for example for certain rotation axes or for validation of results.

What is the working process with Simi Shape 3D?


– Person is being captured by 8 cameras.
– Silhouettes are extracted (separation of person and background).
– Fitting of silhouettes for virtual 3D-model and person.
– Optimal fitting of silhouettes with 3D-model allows extraction of 3D joint positions and joint angles.
– The result are 3D joint positions and joint angles (similar to marker-based systems but without using markers)

Setup and system requirements

– Simi Motion System with 8 cameras
– Cameras must be positioned in a circle around the actor
– Background seen by cameras must be stable and have good contrast to actor
What results do I get with Simi Shape 3D?

After automatic tracking with Simi Shape 3D you get 3D joint coordinates and rotations of all major body segments. This data is similar to the data being calculated by marker-based models, just without using markers.

Validation of data

Some result from working with Simi Shape as well as innovations in Simi Motion can be found in the following video:

Particular advantage

When purchasing Simi Motion with Simi Shape you get all opportunities! The possibility to work with state-of-the-art marker-based methods as well as the possibility to use latest and innovative technology of markerless tracking – you can even combine both in a hybrid use.

Simi Move for iPad

Our Movement Analysis App for iPad


Simi offers you an easy to use application to analyze movements directly on your iPad. This allows movement analysis wherever you are, anytime, in a quick and mobile way.

All you need to do is upload a video to the app, or just record one inside the app, and you are good to go. Now you can analyze your video in slow motion or even take the still frame(s) you need and measure the different joint angles.
What makes this app unique?

We included predefined protocols, such as sagital- and frontal gait analysis and running analysis. All landmarks for the protocols are predefined and can be positioned by a few clicks. After your analysis you can send out your results via email directly through the app. This app not only serves as a perfect entry product for movement analysis, also professionals can benefit from it:

Simi Move as a therapy equipment


With our app therapists can analyze their patients’ movements and measure the joint angles and their changes during the movements, for example the knee flexion during walking or running.
This helps you to improve your analysis of patients and their knowledge about their problem and their progress by making it visible to themselves. By showing them the videos of themselves you enable them to experience their problem and get a comprehensive view of them.
Simi Move is suited for the application in physical therapy, osteopathy and occupational therapy. Show your patients the success they achieved through your therapy by conducting and saving different measurements during their rehabilitation process.

Simi Move as a teaching equipment


Also physical education teachers as well as coaches can use the app for their teaching and instruction. If you want to use your iPad to record movements and show them to your students in slow-mo, this app is just the right choice. (For this application we can also recommend our software VidBack. It has more options for teaching movements than our app does, for example it is used to automatically record every student and replay every movement with a certain time delay. Anyhow it requires a notebook as well as a camera.)

Where can I get the app?


The App can be downloaded for USD 9.99 in the App Store.

Simi Aktisys 3D

What is Simi Aktisys 3D?


Simi Aktisys 3D is the three-dimensional version of Simi Aktisys. You can learn more about all general features of Simi Aktisys.

What is the difference between Simi Aktisys 2D and 3D?

Simi Aktisys 3D supports 2 to 4 calibrated cameras and generates 3D data. Simi Aktisys 2D only provides 2D data.

Why do I need Simi Aktisys 3D?


3D data compared to 2D data…

  • is more accurate for movements outside the camera plane
  • provide transversal plane movement data (rotations)
  • support more parameters

With 3D data it is possible to measure parameters in different planes without the need of placing a camera in each plane. As all data is measured in three dimensions this allows for example measurement of extension/flexion, abduction/adduction, and rotation of the hip with only two cameras positioned frontal of the patient.

How easy is Simi Aktisys 3D to use?


Simi Aktisys 3D is very easy to use. The measurement process is identical to Simi Aktisys 2D: choose protocol, select start, realtime measurement, select stop and get an automatic report immediately.

For 3D measurements cameras have to be calibrated. Therefore, Simi Aktisys 3D includes a very easy and automatic 3D calibration based on a checkerboard pattern. A small demo video can be found below.

What is included in the package Simi Aktisys 3D?


Simi Aktisys 3D includes:

  • Notebook for recording two high-speed cameras with 100 Hz
  • two high-speed cameras with accessory (lenses, cables, hardware synchronisation)
  • mounting kit for cameras (flexible adjustable, mobile, cameras stay calibrated)
  • LED markers with remote control
  • Software Simi Aktisys 3D
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