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That helmet tho I think that one is spot on with kinda like a classic feel to it.

If I'm not mistaken, in the canon Samus can form the suit around her with her mind. In that case it's not necessary to make the suit industrial-looking (or the arm cannon that big) or have the paint stripes mentioned above, since Samus doesn't have to go buy parts to weld in place to upgrade anything. Also those glow plugs (bolts?) look bad, I get the blizzard look but I would change those and make them not come out of the suit like that. Something that wouldn't be necessary for someone that can form the suit around them.

by Artemis
8 hours ago

I like everything EXCEPT the caution stripes on her thighs. The caution stripes look terrible. Take them off.

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Normal Map Editor for dynamic lighting and special effects.

  • What is a normal map?

Rendering dynamic lighting & other effects requires information in which direction a pixel is facing. The direction information — encoded into a color value — is called a normal map.

  • Effect tools

Effect tools create stunning effects in no time.



adds volume to a sprite’s shape by extruding it’s opaque parts.



adds height differences based on the luminosity of the sprite’s colors.

  • Paint tools

Use the paint tools to directly draw on the normal map and fine tune the effects.

Angle BrushClip_50

adjusts angles in the normal map. The colors represent the angles you are painting.


Height Brush

raise or lower parts of the sprite


Smoothen Brush

smoothen hard edges on the surface.

Structure / Noise


add noise and structure on the surface

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