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They create 2D and 3D graphics for video games and mobile games. They also make promotional art, GUI and animation.

2D Graphics

They can prepare game assets for 2D projects and 3D game concept art. They will draw your characters, locations, architecture and machinery. They also make icons, illustrations, creative advertising and promotional art.

3D Graphics

They can make high poly sculpts and then retopologize them or create low poly models straight away. They can prepare hand-painted or realistic textures. They will set up packages, export models for your engine and re-check everything.

3D Rendering

They love making models of little houses. They will make you a barn, a skyscraper or a whole airport. They will create complete locations with mountains, forests and rivers. They will check the naming after rendering and transfer the files in the way that you require.


They can draw the interface for your game. They will create concept art and then carefully draw every pixel. The GUI will be adapted for different screen resolutions. They know what layouts are and how to make a compact GUI interface map.

Promo Videos

They will make a cool video according to your specifications. They know what makes a video clickable. They will examine your art and finish drawing what is needed for the scenario.


They can make your characters come alive. They will set up the rig and prepare looping animations. They use Spine and After Effects for 2D projects and Maya and 3ds Max for 3D animation.

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