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by diegographics@outlook.com
17 hours ago

Wow, that's great. Have to try this out!

Wow beautiful environment. Very thorough and detailed. But I think there are a few images that are not showing up (error?). Is that just me? Interested in seeing those other pictures...

by Admin
2 days ago

Jack. First of all, I want to apologize for offending you. We published this just to show how the tech could be used. We don't actually care about the message. But you do bring up a viable point, that for some people - this might be an issue, so I take this post down.

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Tiled is a general purpose 2D level editor. Its open map format is supported by almost every game development framework out there, either natively or through 3rd party libraries.

So far I’ve relied on my spare time to develop and maintain the current version of Tiled. The tool has come a long way since I started it back in 2008, but it is still a long shot from what I’d like it to be. There are many ways in which I’d like to improve Tiled, but if it has to come from my spare time, much of that will never happen. This is partly because my spare time is much more limited since I recently became father.


By accepting donations, I hope to be able to reduce hours spent on my day job and spend them on Tiled instead. This is also why I encourage people and companies to do recurring rather than one-time donations. They provide me with a more reliable source of funding, which I need in order to cut hours from my regular job.

Future Roadmap

To give an idea of what I’d like to work on once I have the time, here’s a short look at the roadmap.

Tiled 1.0


This version (and future minor releases) will be mainly about fixing all the glaring shortcomings of the current version of Tiled. Examples:

  • Replacing the simple property editor with a more advanced one that also supports different types of properties.
  • Making Tiled scriptable for automating complicated or repetitive actions and for making it easier to write input/output plugins.
  • Allowing to edit properties of multiple tiles/objects at the same time.
  • Making it possible to change map and tileset parameters after creation.

Tiled 2.0


If Tiled funding through donations and sponsors is a success, we can dare think of a new version of the tool that brings many large improvements. Your feedback is welcome here! Personally I can think of several things:

  • Make the map format more flexible by changing it to an object hierarchy. This would allow using tile layers as objects or to group things like buildings together.
  • Once objects are stored in a hierarchy, parts of this hierarchy could be loaded from another file allowing for example to place the same building in different maps, or even to combine several maps into another that provides a broader overview of the world.
  • Improve the support for objects to allow scaling, rotating and applying textures to any shape.
  • Change the overall program to be more project-oriented. Some problematic areas currently in Tiled stem from the fact that it does not know about projects. For example some information is currently duplicated for each map, and some settings are global while they should be per-project.
  • Upgrade the UI to Qt Quick using desktop components (once available). This will provide a lot of opportunities for making it cleaner and more pleasant to use.
  • Do phone/tablet version of Tiled. 🙂
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12 May, 2015