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by Zac
8 hours ago

Really cool in VR, but I wish the camera would be locked to the cart, so that it felt like I was sitting in it. Now when the cart moves, the head does not follow so it feels like I'm just floating with no contact with the cart.

9 hours ago

this is very inspirational. I love the look and feel of your environment

by TrickBox
19 hours ago

Nice ad Amazon but can we please at least have some cool behind the scene screenshot and informations instead of the regular Media tab of the official website ?

Vicious Engine
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Target all current-gen platforms. Vicious Engine 2 will convert your game to the PLAYSTATION®3, Xbox 360®, and high-end PC platforms simultaneously with the push of a button.

The Vicious Engine offers a comprehensive, easy-to-access suite of development tools that are accessible to all members of a software development team – from artists, to designers, to engineers. The technology, in development since 2002, initially released in 2005 and now available in its second incarnation as Vicious Engine 2, helps developers and publishers meet the higher quality demands of current-gen game development by allowing the teams to focus on game content rather than core technology.

Vicious Engine 2 Lighting

Forklift © Vicious Cycle Software, 2015

Rapid Light Prototyping

The new lighting tools in Vicious Engine 2™ allow lights to be placed, and adjusted with real time feedback. Lighting intensities, projections and colors can be animated and their results seen in the editor instantly. There is no bake time associated with light placement and adjustments. This gives artists the speed and flexibility they need to quickly and efficiently produce quality lighting in a scene.

Ambient Occlusion Baking

Warehouse lightning © Vicious Cycle Software, 2015

Ambient occlusion baking helps create the illusion of global Illumination, without the need for a costly run time computation. Once baked, there is no need for it to be recomputed, even if the light placement in the scene changes.

Animated Lights

Editing lightning effects © Vicious Cycle Software, 2015

Through the use of the new graph editor, light Intensities and color can be animated by adding and dragging points around on a graph, all with real time feedback to the artist.

Vicious Engine 2 Materials

Material Node Editor

Sci-fi shooter © Vicious Cycle Software, 2015

Artists familiar with material node graphs in major 3D modeling packages will feel right at home with the node editor in Ve2. Nodes are connected together in networks, simple or complex, to create a shader for a particular material.

Rapid Prototyping

Particles in Vicious Engine © Vicious Cycle Software, 2015

As an artist works in the node editor, the material in the scene updates automatically. This allows an artist to quickly iterate through several ideas for a material without having to stop and load the game between each tweak.


Create a wider combination of effects, shaders, and materials through the use of material nodes.

Vicious Engine 2 User Interfaces

Improved Encapsulation of Functions

Software interface © Vicious Cycle Software, 2015

Now dialogs can have their own message handlers, state machines, variable sets and relationship sets allowing for improved encapsulation of dialog functions and actions within the dialog, where it makes the most sense!

Track View

Track view tool © Vicious Cycle Software, 2015

The new Track View lets developers create eye catching animations that add polish and flare to their menus and HUD elements. The following items are just some of the features that can be edited to change over time in Track View:

  • Size
  • Scale
  • Opacity
  • Position
  • Text
  • Sprite

Right Click Context Menu

Context menu © Vicious Cycle Software, 2015

Like with most of the Vicious Engine, key functions like adding, selecting, and removing widgets are always available through the right click GUI context menu.

Vicious Engine 2 Scripting

One of a Kind Scripting System

Editing a 3D model © Vicious Cycle Software, 2015

Using the unique scripting system in Vicious Engine®, programmers are given the tools to quickly see and add available script calls through a right click interface.

Error Free Scripting

Through the right click interface, script is protected from syntax errors, while at the same time giving programmers quick access to all of the engine’s script calls.

Easy to Extend

100% of the Vicious Engine source code is provided with a license.  With the source code, it’s easy to add new script features as needed.

Vicious Engine 2 Physics

Stable and Robust Solver

The physics solver has been internally developed by Vicious Cycle for several years and has a stable and robust feature set.


Joints allow for the construction of a variety of physics objects from ragdolls to ropes, chains and swinging light sources. Joints support softness and springiness values which allow for more realistic movement in ragdolls and other objects.

Simple and Complex Shapes

Shooting at PCs © Vicious Cycle Software, 2015

For simple collisions that need to rely on speed more than accuracy, Ve2 provides primitive collision shapes that can be quickly computed and utilized for simple physics objects. For the complex physics objects, Ve2 supports convex hulls and compound objects for higher accuracy collisions and more realistic physics.

Complete Contact Reporting

Complete contact reporting is provided by the engine to script. This allows full control over rolling, sliding, and impact contacts, giving programmers the ability to do whatever is needed.

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3 June, 2015