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Vicon specialize in developing accessible motion capture technology that delivers the most precise, reliable data in any movement analysis application.

Nexus 2


Nexus 2 overview © Vicon, 2015

The Nexus 2 data processing engine has been completely re-engineered to give you significant speed and accuracy improvements when processing your data.

Labeling in Nexus is intelligent. Not only is it faster and more accurate, but real-time labeling is also significantly improved. The new data processing engine also allows real-time subject calibration feedback and automatically initializes labeling of your subject – no need to label manually.


As the only optical motion capture provider on the MATHWORKS partners program, Vicon has developed native integration with MATLAB in Nexus. Run your MATLAB scripts from Nexus with one click.

Build your MATLAB processing scripts and see your results immediately with the Nexus-MATLAB dynamic connection. Run scripts from within the Nexus MATLAB pane or save these directly to your Nexus pipeline.

Not a MATLAB user? Nexus also comes with Python pre-installed. Access all your trial data with the Vicon SDK.


Quality assessment © Vicon, 2015

Save time with Nexus 2’s Automatic Quality Assessment. By automatically detecting gaps and labeling quality in your data, Nexus 2 presents an informative, visual overview of your trial.

Improve your results with the expanded set of data fill options including the new Rigid Body and Kinematic Fills with Intelligent Automatic Donor Selection.


Creating simple, universal lab protocols has never been easier. Replacing the previous ‘Protocols’ concept, the Biomechanics Workflow builder creates a series of steps to combine data collection and offline processing. It also makes it simple to get started with the new SCoRE and SARA Functional Calibration, providing real-time visual feedback in the Nexus 2 workspace to assist with subject calibration.


ProEclipse is the new data management system for Vicon Life Science software users. With improved database navigation and intelligent search functionality, ProEclipse will enable you find your data with ease.

Nexus offers support for the Bonita Video camera which was developed from the ground up for Vicon Life Science customers. Bonita Video achieves full frame synchronization up to 350Hz or 1280×720 HD from a single point of connection for both power and data. Spend less time setting up your system and more time on research thanks to the all-new one step dynamic video and optical calibration.


Blade UI © Vicon, 2015

Designed for a future where motion capture and live action shooting become indistinguishable, Blade Powered by Axiom is engineered to capture performances effortlessly and deliver robust, reliable data that enables creativity.


Blade is all about the studio. An easy to use interface, improved workflows and intelligent calibration makes the entire system easy to operate, accurate, fast and flexible at shoot time. Multiple ROMs (range of motion sequences) can be captured simultaneously and character setup is intuitive, with options to run separate skeletons for labeling and solving.

Blade is now fully compatible with Vicon’s Bonita Video reference cameras. Calibrate Bonita Video into your volume at the same time as your optical cameras and overlay your calibrated Bonita Video data onto your CG environment for easier character setup and real time solve quality assessment.


Axiom, Blade’s live engine, faithfully reproduces performances with fast, clean, real-time visualization. It is capable of coping effortlessly with multiple characters, complex situations and difficult conditions. Significant occlusion and complex motions are taken in Axiom’s stride with no loss of fidelity or subtlety of motion.

Without any additional hardware investment, accurate and robust realtime labeling increases the usable size of your volume, giving you space to be creative. Axiom allows you to focus on the performance, not the technology. It won’t break your shooting momentum with failed or aesthetically unacceptable visualization. Just pure performance.


Raw mocap footage © Vicon, 2015

With the best real time on the market, there’s no limit to what you can achieve. A fast turnaround time, high quality data and instant feedback on your performance, make Blade perfect for previsualization and virtual production. With Blade, you can access the Axiom engine offline as well as in real time, in a fully interactive post processing pipeline. What you see on shoot day, is the same flawless data you work with offline.


Blade’s hugely popular QuickPost has also had an upgrade for Blade. Designed for offline access to Axiom’s real time algorithms, your post processing workflow can now be as automated as you want it to be or fully interactive. The Post Editor gives you the option to manually edit your solve at any point in the process and send it back to the Axiom engine for the remainder of your pipeline. Alternatively, you can reconstruct, label, fix occlusions and solve with one click and see the same flawless data that was delivered by Axiom in real time.


At the heart of the motion capture system, Axiom provides the flawless real time that has become synonymous with Blade. Now also available offline, it can be used in a fully interactive post-processing pipeline.

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