The main purpose of Visionaire is to empower fans of adventure games to create their own games, without requiring extensive programming skills. Therefore Visionaire provides a huge set of existing "Actions" that can be combined in all imaginable ways. This allows people to develop their own games without writing a line of code.

You don’t need programming skills!



Visionaire Studio is easy and flexible

The visual editor of the “Visionaire Studio“ authoring system was created with a clear layout and intuitive user interface in mind. The community helps you. Get to know other users, discuss in the forum, write news and more…


Amazing Games have been created with Visionaire Studio



Visionaire Studio is a powerful tool for the creation of point and click adventure games. Have a look at some of the games, made with Visionaire Studio:


DEPONIA 1,2 and 3
• The Chains of Satinav
• The Whispered World
• A New Beginning
• Harveys new eyes
• Zak McKracken between time & space
• Captain Delta
• Big Time Monkey
• Anna’s Quest

Visionaire Handling

isionaire Editor


The visual editor of the “Visionaire Studio“ authoring system was created with a clear layout and intuitive user interface in mind. There are several tools available, e.g. an animation studio, a voice over studio and a tool to set walkable areas; These tools empower the game designer to work visually and achieve exactly what he/she has in mind.

The editor provides a complete undo system which allows you to undo each and every working step. The straightforward system tools allow the user to define areas where the characters are allowed to move and to set a character’s size depending on its position in the scene.

Easy Handling, Flexibility and Scripting Language


Visionaire offers an easy to use and very flexible action system. Even users without programming skills can master it to create all of the common elements of a game. Beyond this action system, Visionaire provides even more flexibility through the integrated Lua scripting language. Using this scripting language you can master even the most complex action tasks.

Screen Resolutions


Visionaire Studio supports basically all reasonable screen resolutions that meet the demands of not only retro games but also top-notch adventure games. The correct aspect ratio is always used, even for widescreen displays.



Visionaire Studio uses OpenGL hardware acceleration to achieve optimal speed. Furthermore, there are several clever mechanisms to provide better performance while loading resources and during the game. Beside this, the game designer is given even more individual options to fine-tune the performance of his/her game. For example you can tell the system to remove animations from memory once you know that they will not be used in the game anymore, and you can also preload sprites and animations at a time when it fits the gameplay.

Data Management and Export Options


Visionaire Studio provides many ways to export data and allows you to work freely with your data. You can publish your game in one or several packages, optionally arranged by scenes, characters, etc. This allows easy distribution and patching of your game. You can also export the text of a game in several file formats, e.g. to provide voice-over actors with the scripts they should dub.

Game Control


Visionaire’s flexible interface system allows the use of many different interfaces for commands, placeholders, switches and much more. It can support interface styles from basically all well-known adventure games.

Supported File Formats (Sprites and Video Sequences)

Visionaire Studio supports multimedia by default: all usual graphics formats (PNG, JPEG, GIF and PCX), sound file formats (MP3, Ogg Vorbis, WAV, etc.), and the most popular video codecs (Xvid, MPEG-4, Ogg Theora, etc.) can be used for your own games.

Special Effects


Visionaire provides a particle system for realistic special effects like rain, fog and fire. You can use stunning effects to create a great atmosphere in your own games. The editor for changing the display and the behaviour of the particles is very easy to use. Parallax scrolling on an unlimited number of levels is also available by default.



The Visionaire Editor has been translated into many different languages: English, German, French, Spanish and Dutch. Of course, games created with Visionaire can also be translated into as many languages as you want. Visionaire uses Unicode for maximum flexibility and to support even complicated characters like those in Cyrillic or Chinese.


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