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VisionPunk, a small team of hardcore indie game developers headed by Calle Lundgren - some with many years previous experience in shipping AAA action games. Our mission is to put amazing tools in the hands of small teams, allowing them to compete on entirely new levels of quality.

Ultimate FPS

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Ultimate FPS is a great tool for creating outstanding fist-person shooters.


  • Physics-based animations: Breathe life into melee weapons, guns, cockpits and more
  • Mouse smoothing & acceleration: No more jerky input!
  • Camera shakes, earthquakes, shockwaves, boss stomping, impacts!
  • Full Body Awareness: with Mecanim-animated player bodies and ragdolls
  • Survival horror-style 3rd Person Mode
  • Pain HUD with directional damage indicator and blood spatter
  • AAA quality Weapons: Pistol, AssaultRifle, Shotgun
  • Input Manager for keyboard, mouse & joystick, allows re-binding controls at runtime
  • Demolition! Handle with care or things will go boom!
  • Ladder System
  • Spawnpoint System
  • A flexible Inventory & Pickup System
  • Interaction System for doors, platforms, triggers, switches, grabbing & throwing stuff.
  • Advanced Moving Platform support
  • Jaw-dropping Slow Motion mode!
  • Melee System
  • Supports Unity Pro Image FX
  • Tons of High-quality Art!
  • Full, very well-commented C# source
  • Detailed Online Manual with lots of tutorials

Ultimate FPS is great for

Indies:  Setting out to build your own FPS in Unity on a small team? Get a guns-blazing player working very quickly, even with limited scripting skills! Plugging in your own weapon models is super-easy. Motions are generated in realtime (no animation required) and you could be running around shooting things in your Unity scene within minutes.

Students:  You will be able to learn a lot about game programming in C# and Unity by studying the included source scripts. The code has massive commenting and contains tons of valuable tricks-of-the-trade.

Designers:  Need to evaluate a dummy level design, demonstrate a game idea to a client, or perhaps do a 3D architectural visualization? Enable high-quality 1st person camera & controls in your Unity scene in seconds by simply dragging a prefab into your scene hierarchy.

Pros:  Prefer building your own systems? While Ultimate FPS can be used as a cornerstone for a new FPS, great effort has also been put into keeping it modular. The system is a top-rated, top-paid Unity asset for good reasons; why not leverage some of its success by studying or extracting only the subsystems or algorithms that you may need?

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